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Cover Fx Mattifying Setting Spray

If I had a skin care weakness, it's mattifiers. I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest mattifying products. I grabbed this bottle thinking I'd use it as an afternoon refresher in lieu of patting on an oil-absorbing powder.
I'm sorry to report, that this spray took its sweet time drying, and I didn't observe any mattifying action. I basically felt like I spritzed my face with water. Hydrating and cooling? Yes. Mattifying? Not really.

Dr. Jart Tiger Grass Camo Drops

What under-caffeinated, sleep-deprived mom wouldn't love to quickly blur redness and uneven skin tone via one tiny addition to her morning routine? I certainly couldn't resist the temptation of a product that seemed to promise to do just that without (and I cannot emphasize this enough), adding much time to my morning routine. I've got three breakfasts to fix, two lunches to pack, two sleepy boy to wake up, and an unpredictable baby. Time is the one thing I don't have.
Enter Dr. Jart's Tiger Grass Camo Drops. Essentially, they act like a color corrector in liquid form. After giving the bottle a good shake, I squeezed out 2 drops onto my fingertips. The drops start out green (makes sense for redness cancelling), and then turn to beige as you blend them into your skin. Here's where I ran into a couple of issues. First, my skin is oily at baseline. Adding the Dr. Jart drops after my serum, but before my mattefier and SPF, resulted in mega-shine for me. If you have…