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"Dear Abby" misses the mark entirely

Yikes. May feels like forever ago. I know I resolved to take this blog in a new direction, and truthfully, I've had a number of posts in mind. Yet the devastating state of American politics, children indefinitely separated from their parents at border jails, and the recent SCOTUS drama, have occupied much of my spare mental energy. I am no longer phased by the newest lows the GOP and 45 sink to on a daily basis. But it was this seemingly "coming from a good place" load of appallingly tone deaf advice from "Dear Abby" columnist Jeanne Phillips, that has angered me into cobbling together a few sentences. So here I am.

Let me start by saying I'm not trying to lump Abby or this particular advice seeker in with the MAGA pitchfork wielders. However, her thought process (however well intentioned it may be) is most definitely part of the problem. Per Phillips, “whiteness” is still the norm and reference point for everything, and all that deviate from this norm are t…