Saturday, January 21, 2017

South Korean double cleanse

Our trip to Seoul last year was all about the food for my husband, and all about K-beauty for me. I was especially intrigued by the way South Korean women treat cleansing their faces as a ritual rather than as a chore to be grudgingly performed. The science behind the K-beauty concept of double cleansing is remarkably simple yet ingenious in its nature. It is recommended that one's cleansing regimen begin with an oil based cleanser. This is to be followed by a foaming, water-based cleanser.
For my foray into the ritual of double cleansing, I selected Eroborian Solid Cleansing Oil to be followed by the Caolion Foam Cleanser. The solid cleansing oil is exactly what you might picture: a solid product to be scooped out using the included spatula, and rubbed onto dry skin. It rubs is quite easily and instantly turns to an oil form. It is said that oil draws out oil most successfully, so for an oily-skinned gal, this is a bonus. Once you've massaged it in all over your face, simply rinse off with warm water and move on to step two!
Now, the market is flooded with water-based cleansers, but this one by Caolion piqued my interest due to its fun, K-beauty factor. What I noticed on my careful perusal of beauty boutiques housed at the Coex mall in Gangnam, was the multitude of what I consider "bonus features". For instance, in addition to altering consistency from the paste in the tub, to a milky foam upon massage, this product also comes in two flavors: steam foam and cooling foam; each designed to address specific concerns. I utilized the steam foam as part of my bedtime routine, and found the gentle warming sensation of the foam to be relaxing. As recommended, I applied the cooling foam in the morning, and felt awakened and refreshed. And surprising to me, was the fact that my skin felt toned not at all parched following the double cleansing! I will be trying my hardest not to swipe my face at night with a cleansing cloth and hit the sack. I'm hoping to stay committed to this ritual - I believe my skin will thank me!

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