Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Puneri beauty routine featured in "Allure"

Check out model Rasika Navare's beauty must-haves. This global beauty feature has become one of my favourite monthly must-reads in "Allure".

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Two Faced Mascara Melt-Off

**UPDATED** We all love mascara that doesn't budge, but who enjoys nightly battles with mascara removal? Not I. Which is why I was excited to give this product a whirl. It promises quick, easy, and effective mascara removal. I simply applied a coat to my lashes using the kind of wand you would expect for lower lash mascaras. I let the product remain on my lashes as I washed my face (approx. two minutes). I used a cotton pad soaked in my favorite eye-makeup remover to gently sweep off the mascara.
The Mascara Melt-Off definitely speeds up the mascara removal process, with significantly less tugging and rubbing of lashes. I felt that the results were a more thorough mascara removal than makeup remover alone.

That said, the directions stated to use a cotton pad to wipe off the mascara; but I found that you most definitely need to soak the pad in your usual remover. Also, I should note that I tested it on non-waterproof mascara. I have no idea how effective it would be in the case of waterproof formulas!

Final thoughts: I will repurchase it again. While it's definitely not a one-step/one-product solution, it gets the job done with substantially less manhandling of delicate lashes, and I woke up without raccoon eyes.

**4/8/17 UPDATE: I bought a second tube to test this out, but it seems like there is a real packaging issue with this product. As stated above, I really did find it a useful addition to my makeup removal routine, so it really bums me out that I have had copious amounts of the product ooze out of the tube upon closing it. I went so far as to purchase a second tube in the hopes that it was a one-off issue. Sadly, even with careful precautions of storing the tube upright, I lose significant amounts of product every time I use it.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sunscreen for greasy gals, part II

I tested these two sunscreen products out in the pre-pregnancy months, so I know that preggo hormones did not impact my oily skin nor the performance of these sunscreens. I do prefer the MISSHA Essence Sun Milk sunscreen (previously reviewed here) to Shiseido's Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector. I have two issues with the Shiseido sunscreen: 1) mega-watt shine post-application, and 2) a very obvious, white cast to my face due to the zinc oxide. Also, I'm just going to state for the record that $33 for a tiny 1-ounce bottle is laughable in terms of pricing. Seriously.
On the days when I am rushing out of the house in the morning with the kids, I wanted an easy product that did not require meticulous blending but would still provide sun protection. I thought the ColoreScience Sunforgettable loose mineral sunscreen powder would be a quick and easy option. I had hoped that the powder would be easily dispensable and the SPF 50 would mean that I wasn't sacrificing sun protection in favor of saving some time. I justified the $64 price tag on these grounds. Unfortunately, I was not a fan. For starters, even though the brush attachment filled with color (I ordered Tan), try as I might, I could not coax a significant amount out of the tube. I was left completely uncertain as to how much I had even managed to apply - and you know with sunscreen, you really want that certainty of protection. Also, despite what seemed to be a very small of product that actually made its way to my face, I was greasy as all hell within half-an-hour! The entire purpose of the powder formula in my mind, was to provide at least a semi-matte sunscreen.

Bottom line: I'm unlikely to repurchase the Shiseido sunscreen, and 100% never going to buy the ColoreScience powder again! The search continues for a mattifying sunscreen...

Work work work work work

Maybe she is fully immersed in-character, or perhaps Ms. Balan has hit upon a signature look for herself. Either way, there is a definite trend here. Silk saris, often paired with statement accessories, and wavy locks pulled to one side, our Begum Jaan apparently has a very specific style preference. Almost a uniform of sorts.

Sunscreen for greasy gals, part I

There are two things I'm into investigating these days: Korean beauty products, and anything designed to help mitigate oily skin. I love being pregnant, don't get me wrong, but pregnancy does a number on skin. While the rest of my body is incredibly dry, my face has really upped its oil production. Yay, hormones!

Various Korean beauty sites, have touted these two sunscreens specifically for oily-skinned people. I slather sunscreen on religiously, but have yet to find a formula that doesn't generate excessive sheen. I'm going to give it to you all straight: neither of these products was a HG for me. Here's my take:
The Neogen Day-Light Protection sunscreen (available via Soko Glam or Sephora),  definitely has moisturizing properties which may make it a good choice to sub into your skincare routine during the winter months. It has a heavier, gel-like consistency, but blends in readily and does not leave an ashy residue.
MISSHA Mild Essence Sun Milk is exactly as described in that it has a more liquid consistency. If I had to commit to these sunscreens, I'd definitely use this one during the warm months. It is light and very easy to apply. There is no issue of a white cast on the skin after applying either of these sunscreens. However, I must say, that both left my skin overly dewy-looking in appearance. For some of you, this might be a good thing. For me, my skin looks "dewy" (read: oily) very easily on its own, so I don't need assistance in this department.
Bottom line, both are reasonably priced ($30 and $22, respectively) and a breeze to apply. Neither is particularly helpful in keeping shine at bay. I'm using the MISSHA sunscreen these days, but will not likely repurchase either in the future.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dapper Dev

In case all the Golden Globes cuteness between costars Dev and Sunny wasn't enough, Dev I'm-not-just-Slumdog-anymore Patel featured in a glorious spread in the December 2016 issue of InStyle. For your viewing pleasure:

Saturday, January 21, 2017

South Korean double cleanse

Our trip to Seoul last year was all about the food for my husband, and all about K-beauty for me. I was especially intrigued by the way South Korean women treat cleansing their faces as a ritual rather than as a chore to be grudgingly performed. The science behind the K-beauty concept of double cleansing is remarkably simple yet ingenious in its nature. It is recommended that one's cleansing regimen begin with an oil based cleanser. This is to be followed by a foaming, water-based cleanser.
For my foray into the ritual of double cleansing, I selected Eroborian Solid Cleansing Oil to be followed by the Caolion Foam Cleanser. The solid cleansing oil is exactly what you might picture: a solid product to be scooped out using the included spatula, and rubbed onto dry skin. It rubs is quite easily and instantly turns to an oil form. It is said that oil draws out oil most successfully, so for an oily-skinned gal, this is a bonus. Once you've massaged it in all over your face, simply rinse off with warm water and move on to step two!
Now, the market is flooded with water-based cleansers, but this one by Caolion piqued my interest due to its fun, K-beauty factor. What I noticed on my careful perusal of beauty boutiques housed at the Coex mall in Gangnam, was the multitude of what I consider "bonus features". For instance, in addition to altering consistency from the paste in the tub, to a milky foam upon massage, this product also comes in two flavors: steam foam and cooling foam; each designed to address specific concerns. I utilized the steam foam as part of my bedtime routine, and found the gentle warming sensation of the foam to be relaxing. As recommended, I applied the cooling foam in the morning, and felt awakened and refreshed. And surprising to me, was the fact that my skin felt toned not at all parched following the double cleansing! I will be trying my hardest not to swipe my face at night with a cleansing cloth and hit the sack. I'm hoping to stay committed to this ritual - I believe my skin will thank me!