Saturday, April 8, 2017

Two Faced Mascara Melt-Off

**UPDATED** We all love mascara that doesn't budge, but who enjoys nightly battles with mascara removal? Not I. Which is why I was excited to give this product a whirl. It promises quick, easy, and effective mascara removal. I simply applied a coat to my lashes using the kind of wand you would expect for lower lash mascaras. I let the product remain on my lashes as I washed my face (approx. two minutes). I used a cotton pad soaked in my favorite eye-makeup remover to gently sweep off the mascara.
The Mascara Melt-Off definitely speeds up the mascara removal process, with significantly less tugging and rubbing of lashes. I felt that the results were a more thorough mascara removal than makeup remover alone.

That said, the directions stated to use a cotton pad to wipe off the mascara; but I found that you most definitely need to soak the pad in your usual remover. Also, I should note that I tested it on non-waterproof mascara. I have no idea how effective it would be in the case of waterproof formulas!

Final thoughts: I will repurchase it again. While it's definitely not a one-step/one-product solution, it gets the job done with substantially less manhandling of delicate lashes, and I woke up without raccoon eyes.

**4/8/17 UPDATE: I bought a second tube to test this out, but it seems like there is a real packaging issue with this product. As stated above, I really did find it a useful addition to my makeup removal routine, so it really bums me out that I have had copious amounts of the product ooze out of the tube upon closing it. I went so far as to purchase a second tube in the hopes that it was a one-off issue. Sadly, even with careful precautions of storing the tube upright, I lose significant amounts of product every time I use it.

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