Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hairy Story

I will start this post by stating outright that I think Sonali Bendre is a naturally beautiful actress. Therefore, it was with a sense of disappointment that I noted that Ms. Bendre appears to have copied a page out of the Kardashian unnatural beauty handbook. Kim is also beautiful, only she's made some choices that she herself regrets. Case in point, lasering her hairline. Kim has come out publicly stating that she actually regrets this beauty maneuver, and some even speculate that her strangely high hairline of late may be a sign that she's attempting to reverse some of the lasering.
As an Indian woman, I can attest that the infernal baby hairs at ones hairline can be irritating to deal with; particularly postpartum, when they tend to stand straight up...but I digress. The issue with Sonali is that it is easy for an overzealous technician to over utilize the laser, and the result may appear highly artificial. To the point, where in my opinion, her hair looks rather wig-like.

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