Thursday, September 1, 2016

A case of trying too hard

Sonakshi has lately demonstrated that she is more than just a lucky star kid, catching a big break in Bollywood. By all accounts, the girl is a hard worker who chases down roles and then promotes her little heart out. I just think maybe, she's trying a little too hard sartorially-speaking.
I'm not a big fan of the duster trend that seems to be everywhere at the moment. However, in this side-by-side comparison, I think Aliaa manages it well by playing with proportions. She opted for a white tee and shorts for maximum contrast with her tan duster. Her metallic sneakers were probably my favorite part of her look. Sonakshi, on the other hand, went head-to-toe camel. That is a lot of camel. To worsen things, her pants are as voluminous as her duster. The result is that she is swimming in a sea of camel-colored fabric, and it's all so overly matched, that one gets a mental picture of Sonakshi tearing her closet apart searching for the exact match.
Now, I understand that Sonakshi is in the throes of "Akira" promotions, and thus, I totally get her nod to the "tough girl" with the boxer braids. But even here, in the realm of edgy daywear, I feel she's missed the mark. Shraddha knotted a casual tee, threw on a leather jacket, and suede booties almost as an afterthought. The look works. Sonakshi has the ripped skinnies, the seemingly too-small lace-up heels (notice the toe overhang = bad fit), and the too-long embellished jacket. The shape of that jacket is anything but chic. It reminds me of the colorist's cape from Lakme Fashion Week. A refresher:

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