Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Royal Tour India: Day 3

Curse the time difference! I wake up and an entire day's worth of events have already transpired in India. Well, nothing to do but dive right in. Day 3 of the Cambridge visit to India was jam packed with activities both in New Delhi and in Assam. TRH started their morning with a visit with the NGO Salaam Baalak which among other things runs a drop-in shelter for street children. The details were not released until the visit ended due to security considerations.
More so than their other tours, I feel that TRH are really coming into their own as full-fledged diplomatic representatives of The Queen as well as the UK. I say this because by their own directives, the activities they have engaged in thus far parlay with their own interests back home. Specifically, William's interest in the environment and conservation, their joint interest in mental health issues, and Kate's interest in children's mental health issues. And call me a sentimental sucker, but I really do appreciate their earnestness in asking how they could help the cause of India's street children. They were told that awareness was key; that these street children should not be viewed as nuisances to be gotten rid of, but as children to be cared for and nurtured. Some may laugh, but I feel that changing beliefs is a way of getting to the root of the problem.
For the meeting with the beneficiaries of Salaam Baalak's services, Kate wisely wore a lightweight (I want to say crepe or georgette) maxi by British brand Glamour (H/T to @HRHduchesskate/Eva). She also opted for comfort by wearing pointy-toed suede flats. The maxi enabled her to sit on the floor and engage with the children - something she naturally does very well.

Photos: getty/@kensingtonpalace/pa/daily express

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