Thursday, April 7, 2016

My worlds collide: Bollywood, meet the Cambridges

My favorite royal couple (the Cambridges, natch), hosted a cocktail reception at K Palace as a means to kickoff their India and Bhutan royal tour. Surprisingly, HRH opted for a floor length dress. Unsurprisingly, she revisited Indian designer Saloni. The rich navy blue, Swiss dots, deep-V neckline in the back, the almost Victorian high ruffled neck, and strategic sheer paneling details, added liveliness to the semi-seriousness of a floor-length dress at a cocktail function. Side bar: I noted more than one jeans clad attendee; denim. At Kensington. Palace. It doesn't matter how dark the wash, it's not acceptable.
Back to the Duchess. Bollywood and the Cambridges will have a chance to mingle on Day 1 at what promises to be a glittering reception. I hope our B-town Stars bring their collective A-game, because you know HRH will. After all, she had staff members embark on a trial run of her scheduled tour just so they could report back as to climate and local conditions, and she could be well-informed on exactly what to pack (wish I could partake in such a'd make packing a breeze!). I'm guessing we will see Saloni and Naeem Khan on this tour. Perhaps a shot or two of the Duchess in traditional attire. 🙏🏽 Can you imagine how stunning she'd look in a sari or lehenga?!?


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