Thursday, February 4, 2016

YBTJ: Mellow Yellow Edition

Katrina and Sonam have been tearing it up on the promotional warpath. Most recently, both were spotted in sunny, yellow ensembles. Props to Sonam for being ever-adventurous and unpredictable in her fashion choices. But I just can't figure this one out - what is it? A sweater? A dress? A sweater dress? It's too manic for mere mortals, and thus, perhaps perfect for Ms. Sonam.
In terms of wearability, my vote is with Kat. She takes on an intimidating color, wears it top to bottom, and manages not to resemble a banana. Also, and this is probably because it's Primary Season here in the States, but the color of the suit and the wide cut leg, prevent the 31 Phillip Lim ensemble from veering into power pantsuit territory. Even Hillary is edging away from her beloved pantsuits!
Photos:  @prabalgurung, @elleindia

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