Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Faceoff

Houseful 3 promotions are in full swing, with leading men Akshay, Riteish, and Abhishek spotted here, there, and everywhere. The tres amigos deal is certainly favorable to Akshay. His dapper style is highlighted by the constant companionship of lil' B and Riteish. It comes down to two issues: sartorial choices, and hair. Akshay always manages to be event appropriate yet classy. Hair-wise, Abhi needs to tame the fro down an inch or two, and Riteish needs to cut back on the gel, and definitely lose the pony tail (if that's for a movie role, he better have a bad hair bonus built into his contract!).
And, finally, for pure viewing pleasure, have a dekho at suited up Akki at Asin's recent wedding. Swoon.

Photos: @cricfit, @koimoi, @bachchanjrfc, @tbreporter

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