Friday, January 9, 2015

Farah Khan's birthday

It's no Bollywood party until at least one power couple shows up. Amiright? Aishwaryashek graced Ms. Khan's janam din celebration with their presence. And, surprisingly for one of Bollywood's most private and dare I say, icy of couples, there was canoodling. I repeat, there was canoodling. Alright, maybe canoodling isn't the right word, but there was definite PDA. La Rai's Fendi number was certainly event-appropriate, but perhaps she could kindly step away from all the black? At this rate, that red lip isn't just a nice touch, it's absolutely necessary to add some life to the look. Meanwhile, hubby dearest refuses to lose those faded jeans, and that's no boot cut, by the way. High-waisted flares are no bueno, my friend! Also of note, Abhi has apparently expanded his Daddy's collection of velvet jackets to include this new, longer length model. Those Bachchan men and their velvet. Obsession anyone?
Photos: Elle, Vogue

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