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Farah Khan's birthday

It's no Bollywood party until at least one power couple shows up. Amiright? Aishwaryashek graced Ms. Khan's janam din celebration with their presence. And, surprisingly for one of Bollywood's most private and dare I say, icy of couples, there was canoodling. I repeat, there was canoodling. Alright, maybe canoodling isn't the right word, but there was definite PDA. La Rai's Fendi number was certainly event-appropriate, but perhaps she could kindly step away from all the black? At this rate, that red lip isn't just a nice touch, it's absolutely necessary to add some life to the look. Meanwhile, hubby dearest refuses to lose those faded jeans, and that's no boot cut, by the way. High-waisted flares are no bueno, my friend! Also of note, Abhi has apparently expanded his Daddy's collection of velvet jackets to include this new, longer length model. Those Bachchan men and their velvet. Obsession anyone?
Photos: Elle, Vogue

Aerial event

Neha and La Shetty had a bit of a fashion face-off with both wearing green (an event requirement), but both also pairing the color with a white button down. I love the idea of layering behind Neha's look, but it fails in execution. All that gorgeous, green, raw silk volume should have been balanced by a better fitting (read: not boxy) shorter-sleeved button down. Shilpa, on the other hand, while not as creative as Neha, definitely played to her strengths.
Photo: Filmfare, glamsham

New Year, new look?

Fresh off of lamenting Bipasha's hair style rut, Akshara and Sonakshi's new 'dos were a welcome sight. A fairly bold move for a Bollywood starlet, I think the big chop paid off for both. I personally prefer Sonakshi's blunt, angled bob. But Akshara shows us she's not afraid to take it up another notch. Just please, girls, avoid the half-shaved look. That was so 2014, and wasn't even a good look when it was popular.

Love and hate

Piggy Chops has certainly hit 2015 running. Barely a week into the New Year, and Miss Everywhere, is, well, everywhere. I didn't care much for her look at the Dabboo Ratnani calendar launch. It seemed too contrived. By stark contrast, her outing at the Lion's Gold Awards was sleek, polished, and above all, seemed effortless. Love that Theia skirt and love love love her side chignon.

Out with the old

Just kidding, Bips! Bipasha and Shruti wore identical Nishka Lulla prints at recent events, and while both silhouettes were fun in their own ways (shorter hemline + longer sleeves versus midi-skirt + crop top), I have to hand it to Shruti for her overall styling. Bips cuts a stunning figure (obviously), but that washed out hair with the overdone ringlets. Yawn. It's 2015, darling. Let's liven things up, shall we?