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Radio Mirchi Awards

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's been a while. I'd like to present to you this uidentified fashion disaster. I believe she's trying to channel the shiniest gold man we all know: the Oscar statuette? It's an unmitigated sequin overdose. Yikes!

Pankaj Udhas concert

Notice, the title of this post. It's not "Ameesha fills gas in her car" or "Ameesha goes to IKEA". I just want to point out that she is in fact attending a concert. In my mind, her t-shirt and colorful skinnies - while not inappropriate in the sense of being scandalous - are not particularly apt for concert attendance. Am I right? It's all too dreadfully casual. That scraggly tee! Is it P for Patel? What does it mean? While I am mystified by the choice of attire, I will say that I like the hot pink/bright yellow color combination. Very Easter-y.

"Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon" launch

This may be one of the few times that Soha stands beside her oh-so-fashionable mum, and doesn't look bad at all! She's on-trend with the graphic print blouse that's so popular these days. Tucking the blouse into the high-waisted pencil skirt creates a sleek silhouette. And let us rejoice: she's ditched that horrendous "Khoya Khoya Chand" hair. Thankgod.
Needless to say, Madam Shar looks classy as ever. I love that she appears to have repurposed a blouse that didn't necessarily come from the same sari. The neckline of the blouse is pretty fantastic. And her baubles are spot on.

"Bewaakoofiyaan" promotions at Welingkar College

Only Sonam could throw two wild floral prints together, with the result being a seamless look. Wearing the lighter pattern on top was a smart, and surely non-coincidental move. The chandelier earrings and simple, swept up hair were nice touches. I'm not loving the slingbacks, but they're certainly not deal-breakers.

"2 States" trailer launch

"2 States" explores an interesting culture clash native to the Desh, but also found commonly throughout the diaspora. Come on, y'all know what I'm talking about. Forget about the white/black/{insert other non-Indian} boy, many of you may have encountered resistance or full-on horror-struck parents upon bringing home a fella from a {insert melodramatic gasp} different region than your own family. "2 States" involves a North Indian guy and a South Indian girl ... yadda yadda yadda. I'm all for a movie that aims to break down barriers and stereotypes. Huzzah!
Alia looks fetching in this geometric Payal Singhal blouse. Reminds me of Ms. Balan's outfit from just the other day. The peek of skin accentuates her waist, and pairs nicely with the fitted top to offset a voluminous maxi-skirt. A nice, fat stack of arm candy would have been a nice touch.

Madhuri and Juhi grace latest "Fimfare" cover

It only took forever for the Powers That Be to realize that these two divas belong on-screen together. Good news, though. The flurry of "Gulaab Gang" promos has meant we've seen them together just about everywhere. How cute does Juhi look here?! Absolutely ageless, I tell you. Must. Discover. Their. Secrets.

Freida in "Glamour"

Frieda's fashion forwardness was celebrated in the February issue of "Glamour". She rocks a nude, sequined, floor length ensemble with the best of them. Plus, the messy topknot practically defines the undone done look.

Radio Mirchi Awards

Sigh. Another day, another awards show.  Here, we see La Dixit on her way to the Radio Mirchi Awards in a mermaid-style, Sabya ... wait for it ... net sari. I'm digging the watermelon color scheme - hello, gulaabi Jedi mind trick. We're on to your ways, Madhuri.

"InStyle" - March 2014

Not one, but two desi actresses were featured in the pages of the March issue of "InStyle" magazine. Archie Panjabi's humanitarian efforts on behalf of eradicating polio amongst Indian children was lauded (hats off, Archie!).
Also, funny gal Mindy popped up in the parties and events section. Coming from a person who literally spent a decade of reading fashion glossies with nary a desi person in sight, it's a real treat to spot desis with some regularity. Huzzah!

AsiaVision Awards

Once again, it's not the Filmfare or Zee Cine awards, so I have no idea what these are about (please, anyone, enlighten me), but apparently Bebo won an award for something or the other. Not important. What matters, is the lovely ivory/black sari she wore for the occasion and those a-mazing earrings!

Bebo illustrates how a simple deep side part can translate into instant volume. Genius. I just wish she'd gone with a red lip à laVaani

Seen and Heard on holiday

"Gulaab Gang" promotions

In the days and weeks leading up to the release of "Dedh Ishqiya," La Dixit was all over the place promoting the film. So too, with "Gulaab Gang," only this time, she is joined by the lovely Juhi. In their joint appearances, the ladies have had some fashion hits ...

...and misses. When they're off the mark, the ladies look more like frumpy, middle-agers than the glam divas we know them to be!
Is anyone else stunned to realize these two never co-starred in a film prior to "Gulaab Gang"? Seriously. Mind. Blown. How many directors and producers dropped the ball on that one, that it took so long to bring these powerful actresses together in one frame?! Here's a still of them from the movie:

Filmi Forecast: "Gulaab Gang"

We have seen Mad's first look poster. Now, here's Juhi's. While Madhuri's was balls to the wall (yes, I see the irony) ferocious, Juhi's expression is entrancing. Her smirk is simultaneously mysterious and menacing. Color me gulaabi ... errr...intrigued!

IIFA press conference

These two leading ladies sported markedly different takes on desi attire. I am over the moon about Bebo's choice. She appears to have taken a page out of big sister's color playbook. I think the white pallazo pants worn under a mid-length fitted kurta give her a couple of inches in the height department. The Maheep Kapoor mega necklace is a perfect accent as it nicely played off the amazing detailing on her cuffs.
Bips, on the other hand, stayed on the tried and true net sari route. I guess if La Dixit wasn't going to wear one, than somebody had to? This seems to be a favorite hue for Ms. Basu (see here and here). By the way, her prim up do could not possibly be more boring. Yawn.

Risk pays off

We all know that when she is not tediously being in-character, Ms. Balan prefers her standard desi uniform of a Sabyasachi sari with hair neatly slicked back. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore her collection of Sabyas, but it is fun to see her take a risk and to see that risk pay off. Vidya full embraced the long tunic trend and wore it over a floor length skirt. I like how she juxtuposed the geometric print of the tunic against the decidedly softer pattern of the skirt, all while keeping the patterns in the same color pairing. I declare this look worthy of a round of golf claps.

Zee Cine Awards

A number of actresses strolled down the red carpet in their traditional finest. PC was lovely, though not particularly memorable. Vaani, on the other hand, stood out in a beige/black combo. I love that she added a bold red lip and bindi to accent her neutral-centric attire. Absolutely striking.

NYFW - Michael Kors

Fabulous Freida was snapped in the front row at this show. And wow, does she look fantastic! From her effortless upswept hair and rose blush enhanced glowy skin, to her fantastic cut-out detailed Kors number, she proved why she is ever-present in the global fashion conversation. I love that she managed to look both sexy and totally ladylike. Malaika, take note!

Mid-do and mid-don't

Mid-driff baring tops seem to be ubiquitous this season. It's a fun, fresh trend, but as MAK demonstrates, it is tricky to wear. Malaika wore a Shehlaa by Shehla Khan ensemble on set at "India's Got Talent". Personally, I think her top is a little too cropped. Ideally, an on-trend version should leave a narrow strip of skin exposed; MAK is practically wearing a sari blouse. The exposed mid-driff should be offset by length and some volume on the bottom (think pallazzo pants or a midi-skirt), and not a tight pencil skirt. Additionally, the lace trim on MAK's skirt is overkill when she's got so much exposed up up top.
Deepika's similar Shehlaa design at the Star Guild Awards is an excellent example of how to rock this tricky trend. Here, the exposed mid-driff is well balanced by the proportion of her voluminous skirt.

Zee Cine Awards

Floor length gowns were a-plenty on the ZCA red carpet. While Sonakshi opted for a risky number, I'm not sure the gamble paid off. The elaborate black and white design seems to be wearing her rather than the other way around. Amrita went a safe route, but I don't think this photo does justice to the inky blue color of her dress. DPads obviously went the "go sparkly or go home" route. That lovely headpiece put her sequined drape right over the top. Well done. All in all, I thought Swara's choice was most fitting, though I'd have skipped the necklace given the elaborate construction of the gown.

IIFA press conference

La Dixit debuted a pretty bold look at this appearance. There were no sequined net saris or spangly anarkalis in sight! Instead, we saw Mads in a body skimming Pankaj and Nidhi design and neutral (bless her for not going the matchy route) pumps. Chic and polished. I'm glad she stepped out of her fashion rut. Now if only she could convince La Rai to do the same.

Shaadi Story: Raageshwari ♥ Sudhanshu

I meant to post on this one a while back. Thank you, Rosa, for bringing it back to my attention! Raageshwari Loomba wed Sudhanshu Swaroop in a gorgeous peachy-pink organza Annie and Nimmu creation. The colors were super flattering to Raageshwari's pale complexion. Rather than going with big, overcurled, Barbie hair, Raageshwari chose a traditional plait with mogra flowers woven through for extra oomph.

A Lush Rx for winter distressed hair

My part of the world has been getting pounded with snow. Brutal. Absolutely brutal. Not only is the weather wreaking havoc with my sanity, but it's also distressing my hair. The result? One grouchy mommy. Luckily, I have the perfect cocktail (hair cocktail, ladies. It's not Happy Hour yet!). Lush has some phenomenol hair products that seem to do the trick in terms of restoring luster and manageability to winter ravaged hair. My Rx for you:

Blousey Shampoo ($25.95/8.4 oz) is a gentle cleanser - perfect for the winter months when you don't want to strip hair or treat it with harsh detergents.
Claim: gentle, non-stripping shampoo for damaged, over-processed, colored, bleached and fragile hair. It cleanses hair in the gentlest way, while locking in moisture. Retread ($29.95/8.4 oz) is a moisturizing conditioner intended for dry, frizz-prone hair.
Claim: Use it when your hair is feeling absolutely wrecked. This rich conditioner makes your hair look better, but more importantly, it…

Does. Not. Compute.

So many things about Karisma's choice of attire at a Tempo promotional event just don't make sense. What is this? The color of the top is punchy, and the hair is cute, but ... what is this?!

Ambani bash

Aishwaryashek repped 50% of the Bachchan clan at the Ambani's recent birthday party. Abhi wore his standard black-and-white <yawn> uniform, and La Rai wore her's. I do like the pastel pink and yellow combo - but the overall silhouette is same old same old. I guess if it ain't broke ...

Vidya promotes "Shaadi Ke Side/Effects"

And as usual, it looks like she's doing all her promotional work strictly in her character's filmi style (right down to identical ringlets and bangdi stack).
This first one is a cute design, but cinching the waist is entirely unflattering while the platform wedges are a little too ... wacky. A strappy sandal would have elongated her legs and balanced what is otherwise a top-heavy look.
Much tamer the next go around. I'm fond of the deep blue, but this one's just begging for a little something to break up the color. Or at the very least, shorter sleeves to balance the length and cascading ruffle detail.
Finally, we have a winner. This shirtdress-meets-maxi is flattering both in shape and pattern. The waist cinching with a neutral belt actually works here.


I just came across photos of the launch of season 5 of the TV show "Khatron Ke Khiladi" - which, from context clues, I gather is a desi version of American "Fear Factor". What I don't understand are the wardrobe choices made by the show's stylists. I see way too much distressed denim, and a couple of fellas look as though somebody literally rubbed dirt on them. Are they going for post-apocalyptic grunge? And if so, why?

"Nach Baliye" sartorial round-up

I've got nothing to say about the show itself. Never seen it. However, the stylist is undeniably talented. My favorite of this fashion round-up is the green Jerry sari worn on the Republic Day edition of the show. The fish tail braid was lovely, and I gotta say, La Shetty can rock a nath. The Sonakshi Raj number is a close second - though oodles of confidence and a figure like Shilpa's are mandatory to wear that blouse!

Worli Festival

La Shetty made a non-sari clad appearance at the Worli Festival, and I almost love the look. The midi skirt was totally cute, but the pseudo-sleeves, I could have done without. A sleeveless top would have better balanced out the flowy skirt. Of course her accessories (eeeeee Gucci bag and are those red soles I spy???) go far in winning me over.

Better late than never

Figures. Of course I'd stumble upon a desi connection to the Super Bowl moments after it ended. Anywho. Here's our own Miss America posing with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler at the game. Lucky girl! Bet she had amazing seats too.

Shaadi Story: Ahana and Vaibhav's reception

Unquestionably, these two are a lovely couple. Far less certain is Ahana's choice of this particular monochromatic Manish Malhotra creation. As I said before, it's my least favorite of her wedding choices.
Hema was an exquisite mother-of-the-bride. She is so incredibly elegant. I love the taupe, gold, and pale blue of her sari.