Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Priyanka hits up the Golden Globes

Update: the reason there are no red carpet photos of PC is because she didn't attend the Golden Globes as previously thought. Sorry, photogs, for the rant on not recognizing PC. Totally unfair. You can't recognize her if she's not there.
Blink and you missed it, but PC apparently hit up the party circuit as well as the main event. Our girl didn't exactly set media shutterbugs atwitter - likely because she's not (yet) a recognizable desi face on this side of the pond. At present, that position is solely staked out by one Freida Pinto. I, for one, had no idea she was in attendance until I saw a @MadhuriDixit tweet that clued me in. Anywho, PC pre-partied in an almost body-con Burberry number. The most notable elements of her look were her updo and cut-out heels. The former, I applaud. The latter, well, I'm not a fan. They remind me of tacky sandals one would have seen on Sri back in the '80s. I wish she'd gone for a strappy, metallic sandal or a peep toe pump.
via @MissUniversNEWS/Huff Post Canada
Her dress for the actual Golden Globes was far more memorable. She wore a gunmetal grey Bibhu Mohapatra midi dress complete with voluminous tulle, loads of sequins, and a snazzy cut-out bodice. The slightly heavy-handed application of sequins aside, this dress makes a statement. When our journos finally figure out who she is, this is the kind of dress Team PC would want splashed across dailies, People.com homepages, and the like. Sadly, the boring ol' office pumps are way out of place here. But all in all, bold choices, and I'm hoping we'll be seeing more of PC Stateside.
Via @nimraalam247/Huff Post Canada

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