Monday, January 6, 2014

Jet set much?

Our beloved Bolly crew are quite the jet set bunch. The Nawab and Missus were recently spotted - she brought back her travel boots again (yay! ... not). She's fairly on-trend, otherwise with the graphic sweater, the YSL tote, and some fantastically glossy tresses. Thank gods she didn't don the fedora and only seems to be holding it as a prop. Whew. Who wants to break the bad news to the Nawab that he's a little old for that level of distressed denim. Kindly leave that look to Justin Beiber... errr I mean, Ranbir.

Next, we saw a gaggle of fashionable femmes. Piggy artfully mixed patterns - also very much on-trend at the moment. Karishma and Jacqueline were dressed for travel, but certainly not sloppy! Karishma's comfy jeggings and slouchy open cardi (perfect for freezing cabins), were capped off with fantastic wedge sneakers. Meanwhile Jacquie's relaxed look combined a three-quarter sleeve tough-girl jacket, grunge boots, and embellished skinnies finished with a pop of color via her plaid knapsack. Excellent job keeping it real (I mean really. Who other than a Kardashian travels in body-con and 5-inch stilettos?) yet chic!

A few BollyBaby spottings - holy cuteness! The Bachchan trio was 2/3 in good form. La Rai was fairly unobjectionable with leggings tucked neatly into riding boots. Aaradhya was of course adorbs. But AB Jr.? Well, someone ought to point him in the direction of a coat shop or a designer who could create a bespoke one for him because his little pea coat just isn't long enough, rendering it girlish in appearance.

Shilpa and little Viaan prove that it's not only mommies and daughters who can coordinate ensembles. Baby's little Tom's are oh so cute! (Is this a BollyBaby trend we're spotting?).

Finally, polished Sush glided through the airport looking every bit the star that she is. What's more, she brought along budding fashionista Renee - a girl with her own style already! I guess that apple didn't fall from the tree, eh?

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