Friday, January 3, 2014

Deepika throws herself a party

And why not? Girl's had quite the year with three consecutive blockbuster films. She set the theme as black and gold - it's her party, and she'll dress like an Oscar statuette if she wants to. I like her flowy liquid gold dress - minus the dolman sleeves.

This trio of Bolly wives were fierce in their style and their adherence to the dress code. Mrs. Bhupati and Khan, bravo. Mrs. Kundra, you were fabulous. Sky high heels are indeed a must with a midi dress.

The Rampals were in their element as they typically dress in all black anyway. Yawn. It would've been nice if they through us all for a loop and showed up in head-to-toe gold. Can you imagine?
As ho-hum ordinary as the Rampals were, Ms. Rao was shocking in her departure from her pastels with that bold red lip and you-can't-possibly-miss-me attire. Nicely done. Now if we could just work on posing for photogs without striking the Paris Hilton Double Arm...

Krishka's dress was in keeping with the theme so I can't fault her for all the garish gold. However, she should have swapped those platform heels in favor of slinky sandal.

Kiran apparently confused canary yellow with gold, or she didn't get the memo. Meanwhile hubby didn't lose an opportunity to promote "Dhoom 3" as I assume he arrived in character.

Also, apparently in character was Neil. What character? Why his character from "Saat Khoon Maaf" of course. Isn't that an old film? Why yes. It is.

We'll conclude the wrap-up of DPad's bash with the expecting couple. Avantika is soon going to have to swap in some actual maternity-wear lest she leave too little to the imagination!

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