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CNBC TV18 Overdrive Awards

Yawn. Yet another awards banquet. Preeti D's rather uninspired attire is in-keeping with the interest the 1,274th awards event of the year generates. Seriously. At what point have we hit the point of diminishing returns with these awards? I feel like Bollywood has been staring that point down in the rearview mirror for some time now. Back to the business at hand. The ladylike black belt, the ruffled hem, and chunky menswear-inspired watch are not nearly enough to liven up this look. Boring though it may be, she is tasteful. I will certainly give her that!

Mindy Kaling featured in "InStyle"

Ms. Kaling made a desippearance in the February issue of "InStyle". Clearly, her TV alter ego, Mindy Lahiri, is quite the fashion plate.

Shraddha Soni's book launch

With a bright, tomato red lip, Sush managed to work a teeny bit of color into her usual go-to, head-to-toe black look. I must say, the woman looks fabulous. I do wish she'd swapped those shoes and maybe utilized some color at the waist instead of the black raffia belt. But her cuff and bracelets are perfect accents.

On the sets of "Nach Baliye"

OK. I think I've figured it out. The dance competition on "Nach Baliye" is really a pretext to showcase fabulous desi designers. Now it all makes sense. Lucky Shilpa gets to be the model for one stunning piece after another. Lately, the show's stylists seem to be on a sari kick (here, here, and here). No complaints here! I like the blouse style of the Amit Agarwal design, but leopard print on a sari is pretty innovative too.

More celebs at the Life OK Screen awards

Divya had a rather refreshing, minty outing. Other than the ruffles which seemed more bed skirt than lehenga (sorry, Sabya, it had to be said), she looks great.
I don't know who Neha's stylist is, but there are several B-town ladies that need to queue up for that person's services. Neha (in Ranna Gill) looks fabulous. Love how she's using her accessories to up the glam quotient. Golf claps!

"Dedh Ishqiya" premiere

Well it seems like these gals have been in quite the promotional frenzy lately. Finally, their long awaited "Dedh Ishqiya" premiered in Mumbai. La Dixit and Huma selected remarkably similar Manish Malhotra creations (you can't go wrong for a major event and MM!). I personally favor Huma's. What can I say? I love love love pink.

Although the gorgeous stars were certainly eye catching, I thought Maria in particular, and also Kalki, were the quiet show stealers. Their outfits were not filmi by any stretch. Yet in their subdued nature, both really stood out. I am a huge fan of Maria's style. She seems effortlessly polished rather than meticulously styled.

Life OK Screen Awards

Let's kick this fashion round-up with two B-town veterans. Madam Re - yay! - she swapped a festive pink kanjeevaram for her usual all-gold look. Huzzah! SRK didn't look bad either.
Madam J went pink too. She's proof that a gold quality silk sari will last season after season. This one in particular is at the very least four years old (here's the last outing, with a gold blouse). And check out those sparklers. A nice emerald pair would've been amazing.
Next up, a couple of ladies who really stepped it up - with varying degrees of success. Hats off to Kajol for being adventurous. Her personal style seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. It was risky going head-to-toe monochromatic. Unfortunately, the gamble didn't pay off with this Velveeta-orange color. Additionally, something's not right with the proportions here. She's a little too covered up. I feel like long sleeves + floor length could do with a tasteful slit in lieu of the ruffles, and perhaps a …

Seen and Heard @ Life OK Screen Awards

Priyanka hits up the Golden Globes

Update: the reason there are no red carpet photos of PC is because she didn't attend the Golden Globes as previously thought. Sorry, photogs, for the rant on not recognizing PC. Totally unfair. You can't recognize her if she's not there.
Blink and you missed it, but PC apparently hit up the party circuit as well as the main event. Our girl didn't exactly set media shutterbugs atwitter - likely because she's not (yet) a recognizable desi face on this side of the pond. At present, that position is solely staked out by one Freida Pinto. I, for one, had no idea she was in attendance until I saw a @MadhuriDixit tweet that clued me in. Anywho, PC pre-partied in an almost body-con Burberry number. The most notable elements of her look were her updo and cut-out heels. The former, I applaud. The latter, well, I'm not a fan. They remind me of tacky sandals one would have seen on Sri back in the '80s. I wish she'd gone for a strappy, metallic sandal or a peep toe …

Kapoors on "Koffee with Karan"

The father-daughter duo of Anil and Sonam were the latest big name celebs to grace KJo's set. Bollywood's resident fashionista was resplendent in Marc Jacobs. Meanwhile, daddy dearest was sharp in his 3-piece, but I fear the Pompadoured One is fast becoming the Perma-grizzled One. Say it ain't so. I'm thinking it's a Jai Singh Rathore thing. If so, I want to very gently point out that even in hour 24 of "24", Jack Bauer never looked grizzled. So shave already!

Shilpa Shetty on "Nach Baliye"

As I mentioned before, La Shetty has an enviable wardrobe on "Nach Baliye" - there's no doubt about that. In recent episodes she has worn one stunning sari drape after another. As beautiful as saris look on Shilpa, I'm beginning to hope the show's stylists toss in a lehenga or anarkali just to liven things up.
 What I did not mean by livening things up, was this sari-inspired gown (or gown-inspired sari, depending on your viewpoint). I'm not digging this look. Like at all.

Where's ... Ranveer?

Snapped recently at the airport, Ranveer sported a rather interesting look. With those glasses and that ski cap (which, by the way, in Mumbai, seems utterly unnecessary), he looks like Waldo's brooding artist twin. Whaddaya think?

Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Powder Foundation

In the dead of winter, my complexion tends to be lighter due to the lack of sun exposure. I find my winter skin to be in need of a little punch, and as I don't want to add yet another step to my morning routine (seriously, I don't have time to properly blend in a shimmer stick and I'm not willing to risk going out with a streaky face). I picked up this compact ($34) in medium/dark at Sephora.
Claim: "This customized, one-step complexion-perfecting foundation is formulated with Matchmaker’s signature chameleon pigments and infused with 100 percent pure argan oil to balance, hydrate, and nourish the skin. This pressed powder instantly adjusts to match your unique and changing natural skintone."
Pros: minimizes appearance of pores, blurs imperfections, adds a hint of shimmer to warm up complexion. Contains SPF 20.
Cons: tough to blend, streaky, leaves an overall reddish cast, didn't match my complexion so my face looked made up and not natural. (I did try the light…

Cover Story: Mindy freakin' Kaling

One of my favorite funny girls, the beautiful, fashionable, and witty Ms. Kaling graces her very first (and I'm sincerely hoping for many more to come) fashion mag cover. It's a beaut!

Jet set much?

Our beloved Bolly crew are quite the jet set bunch. The Nawab and Missus were recently spotted - she brought back her travel boots again (yay! ... not). She's fairly on-trend, otherwise with the graphic sweater, the YSL tote, and some fantastically glossy tresses. Thank gods she didn't don the fedora and only seems to be holding it as a prop. Whew. Who wants to break the bad news to the Nawab that he's a little old for that level of distressed denim. Kindly leave that look to Justin Beiber... errr I mean, Ranbir.

Next, we saw a gaggle of fashionable femmes. Piggy artfully mixed patterns - also very much on-trend at the moment. Karishma and Jacqueline were dressed for travel, but certainly not sloppy! Karishma's comfy jeggings and slouchy open cardi (perfect for freezing cabins), were capped off with fantastic wedge sneakers. Meanwhile Jacquie's relaxed look combined a three-quarter sleeve tough-girl jacket, grunge boots, and embellished skinnies finished with a pop…

Twice the Sabya, twice the fun

La Rai decked herself out in two striking Sabyasachi floor-length anarkalis on a recent publicity jaunt to Dubai on behalf of Kalyan Jewelers. I favor the overall all styling of the red velvet suit (though to be honest, both are glorious) because as she was promoting Kalyan jewelry, she had to bling it out, so the heavy gold butti work (exquisite though it is) overpowered the mandatory jewelry worn with the creme suit. Also, and while we know this is La Rai's signature hair style, perhaps with mega-jewelery being on display, a sleek chignon would be more appropriate?

Figure flattery at its best

Ravs is many things, but tall she is not. She often has a tendency wearing pieces that appear to shorten her petite frame. On this occasion, however, she got it right! This Surily Goel ensemble creates a long, lean visual. And the turquoise really livens things up.

A tale of two beauty balms

I had a major oily skin epiphany way back in 2003.  I came to terms with the cold, hard fact that foundation of any variety (even sheer, tinted moisturizer) was not my friend. I accepted this and dutifully stuck to powders when I needed coverage. However, as Kingfisher will vocally attest, I am a product junkie, and have lapsed occasionally, and met with expected, disastrous results. This is one such instance. 

Beauty balms (BB) have been popular in Asian markets for some time now. Consumers loved the 5+ benefits promised by 1 little tube (i.e. sheer coverage/spot minimizing/moisturizing/pore perfecting/anti-aging/SPF). I even tried to convince Kingfisher to pick up a few tubes when he was in Hong Kong. He was bewildered and brought me back a lovely scarf instead. Fast forward to now, BBs are everywhere Stateside, and most come in several shade offerings rather than the 1-shade-fits-all of early BBs. 
Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream: Combo/Oily Skin ($13.20)

Bipasha promotes Emami Vasocare

Lemon chiffon is such a fantastic color. It is universally flattering, and certainly it's no exception here. But I wish this Nandita Mahtani piece was either strapless or sleeved, rather than the one-sleeve version we saw on Bips. If a one-sleeved dress it must be, then I think the sleeve must be full length to balance out the other side.
Also, an abstract pattern with a denser application of lemon chiffon - as seen on the Marella coat by Emilia Wickstead (as worn by the Duchess of Cambridge) - would elevate this dress a notch or two.

Filmi Forecast: "Happy New Year"

Here's the first look for Farah Khan's "Happy New Year" which brings back together her "Om Shanti Om" stars, SRK and Deepika along with solid performers Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, and Sonu Sood. The newcomer this go around is Vivaan Shah. Lucky boy. As DPads will attest, a Farah Khan vehicle co-starring King Khan is likely the best way to burst onto the Bollywood scene (though it's not technically his first film). Rumor has it that "Happy New Year" also has a mega-star-studded item song much like its predecessor "Om Shanti Om" did. If this is true, than I am pumped. If only because OSO taught me that I love surprise cameos combined with song and dance.

Shilpa on "Nach Baliye"

Man, is her "Nach Baliye" wardrobe enviable or what?! Shilpa dazzled on New Year's Eve in a bold, geometric print Manish Malhotra sari. And since the blouse is collared, and the sari has a spangly border, La Shetty did not allow a necklace to distract, instead opting for Anmol earrings alone.

Deepika throws herself a party

And why not? Girl's had quite the year with three consecutive blockbuster films. She set the theme as black and gold - it's her party, and she'll dress like an Oscar statuette if she wants to. I like her flowy liquid gold dress - minus the dolman sleeves.

This trio of Bolly wives were fierce in their style and their adherence to the dress code. Mrs. Bhupati and Khan, bravo. Mrs. Kundra, you were fabulous. Sky high heels are indeed a must with a midi dress.

The Rampals were in their element as they typically dress in all black anyway. Yawn. It would've been nice if they through us all for a loop and showed up in head-to-toe gold. Can you imagine?
As ho-hum ordinary as the Rampals were, Ms. Rao was shocking in her departure from her pastels with that bold red lip and you-can't-possibly-miss-me attire. Nicely done. Now if we could just work on posing for photogs without striking the Paris Hilton Double Arm...

Krishka's dress was in keeping with the theme so I can&…

Zoya Pixie Dust nail polish

As a often harried mum-of-two, the Zoya Pixie Dust Fall 2013 line of polishes ($8) has been a heaven sent as the shimmery texture masks imperfections and the polishes last and last! These polishes provide a matte finish with a textured shimmer. And I must emphasize that we are talking sophisticated sparkle, not confetti-size My Little Pony glitter. The textured finish has the added bonus of being winter Uggs friendly as I can slip boots on without fear of smudges. With two boys under 4, I don't have much time to sit around waiting for polish to dry. My fave shades are:
Pros: long lasting, raised texture hides flaws Cons: hard to find full line in brick-mortar retailers like Ulta.  Bottom line: I suggest snatching these up while you can! One word of caution: you will want a 100% acetone polish remover. As this can dry out your skin, have cuticle oil handy.