Friday, December 27, 2013

Two Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool

This is quite the clever little tool. At time of blogging, I've counted two other well-known brands (Tarte and Clarins), one Japanese brand (Holika Holika), and one less known brand (The Face Shop) that have introduced a similar product. In a nutshell, the innovative, flat, 3-pronged tip allows you to fill in spaces between lashes by stamping tiny dots into the base of the lashes. This product is available at Sephora for $22.
Via Sephora
Pros: by carefully pressing the tip into the base of the lashes, you can achieve a defined eye without actually lining the eye. It's great when you want definition, but not the amount of definition you'd get with an eye liner. It's particularly useful for the lower lashline and permits a precise application on the waterline as well. It is relatively easy to remove with a touch of eye makeup remover, and my eyes have not had any adverse reaction.
Cons: sadly, this product smudges in a very significant way. In fact, it smudges more than a simple kohl eye pencil, and has even less staying power. After an hour of wearing, I noticed that the stamped dots simply wore right off in the inner corner of my eyes, and smudging below my lower lashline. In my mind, this undermines the purpose of the product. What a bummer! Also, if you have a steady hand with liquid eye liner, you'll find that this type of product actually takes longer to apply on the upper lash line than a regular liquid liner.
Bottom line: I'd avoid this one and try one of the others in the hope that somebody has come up with a smudge-resistant formulation.

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