Saturday, December 14, 2013

People watching at India Resortwear Fashion Week

Yep. IRFW is a real thing. Much like awards shows, these fashion weeks are cropping up left and right. No complaints here, though. It gives desi designers more avenues to showcase their wares. Also, and perhaps more importantly from my context, it makes for loads of celeb spotting fun.
L-R via filmicafe, pinkvilla

First up, Celina and Preity and their matchtastic selves. Celina's frock was cute - plus the dark vertical stripes along the sides  further slimmed her already slender figure. I just don't see why the pumps had to match the belt exactly. Similarly, it's not PZ's look that I object to. In fact, I think she wears the dressy shorts look quite well, and separetly, I love the Choos. But together, it's a little extreme matching for my tastes. Props for the sequined sling, though. Per PZ, she had a minor hand surgery, and was under doctor's orders to wear the sling. I'll bet the doc was entirely silent on the issue of fashion. That's all PZ, all the way!

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