Monday, December 9, 2013

"Our Girls, Our Pride" telethon

Beauty with brains, Piggy Chops, recently hosted NDTV's "Our Girls, Our Pride" telethon to raise funds to support education for girls. First, can I just say, what a worthy cause! I am thrilled to see celebrities like PC utilize their brand power for positive change. Obviously intending to focus viewer attention on the very important matter at hand, PC went business cas in jeans and a button down, with hair pulled in a no-nonsense pony tail.
Via Filmfare
I liked her look overall. She was onscreen to educate and fundraise, not to plug a movie or some such. However, I think with this particular look, she could have paired the flared jeans with flats, or swapped the flares for a trouser-style jean or skinnies if she wanted to keep the t-strap heels. But again, no biggie. Kudos to to PC for embracing this cause, and challenging her B-town brethren to step up as well.

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