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Christmas lunch at Shashi Kapoor's

The Kapoor clan showed up in full force for Christmas celebrations at Shashi Uncle's house.

Best in Kapoor Karisma aces the brightly colored skinnies trend by keeping everything else safely black. Props for the demure, pointy-toed flats. Neetu was a close second, but Karisma wins on the basis of footwear and handbag choices. Rishi's get-up was way too blue-on-blue-on-blue; monochromatic, but not in the chic sense. And then there's Ranbir. Can't be bothered to step it up for lunch with the family, eh? I guess they should all be grateful he showed up. He is nailing the sullen teenager look if that's what he's going for.

Bollywood celebrates Midnight Mass

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Let me start this post with a disclaimer: I am not well versed in how Christmas is traditionally celebrated in India. So, if my comments seem off the mark for what is considered appropriate, please do let me know! The Kapoor and Arora sisters made quite the entrance at Midnight Mass. I, for one, thought Kareena and Karisma to be excessively glammed out with heavy-handed makeup for a Mass.

Additionally, Lolo's strappy sandals seemed out of place, and Amrita was waaaaay out of left field with her choice of attire.
All things considered, Malaika successfully coordinated her attire and styling with the occasion.

Two Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool

This is quite the clever little tool. At time of blogging, I've counted two other well-known brands (Tarte and Clarins), one Japanese brand (Holika Holika), and one less known brand (The Face Shop) that have introduced a similar product. In a nutshell, the innovative, flat, 3-pronged tip allows you to fill in spaces between lashes by stamping tiny dots into the base of the lashes. This product is available at Sephora for $22.
Pros: by carefully pressing the tip into the base of the lashes, you can achieve a defined eye without actually lining the eye. It's great when you want definition, but not the amount of definition you'd get with an eye liner. It's particularly useful for the lower lashline and permits a precise application on the waterline as well. It is relatively easy to remove with a touch of eye makeup remover, and my eyes have not had any adverse reaction.
Cons: sadly, this product smudges in a very significant way. In fact, it smudges more than a simple kohl …

Another first - Neelam Johal for Burberry

In 2013 we've seen Nina Davuluri crowned Miss America, Waris Ahluwalia pop up in Gap ads, and Piggy Chops declared the new face of Guess. What a pleasant surprise to see quintessentially British brand Burberry, feature its first desi model in the their Spring/Summer 2014 ad campaign. I'm excited to see the places this global exposure will launch the gorgeous Neelam Johal.

More from the Bandra 190 grand opening

This little luxury boutique is being fronted by a gaggle of Bolly wives (and 1 soon-to-be ex-wife ... *sniff* Roshans, y'all were the Ripa-Consuelos of Bollywood).  Sussanne elevated the housewifey vibe of her dress with rich, oxblood velvet. Cute!
I'm loving Surily's mint green blouse paired with a mini. The designer clearly knows how to play with proportions. Here's hoping she'll drop some knowledge on Bhavna.

Best in black
Sonali's just a tad too monochromatic for my taste. Amu chose shades of black with a fitted jacket and skinnies. Far more interesting. Plus, that bold red lip didn't hurt.

Best in pop of color
Sri coordinates the dark orange piping on her jumper to her clutch and her lips. It's both too much and too little at the same time. Twinks nearly had the win, pairing unexpected complements of tomato orange and royal blue. Don't believe me? Check it out:

However, the royal blue pumps weren't enough for my eye; had she included that col…

Seen and heard @ Bandra 190 grand opening

No winners here

Sorry to say, but neither of these ladies impressed me with their busy, mid-length frocks. Huma was - what else - busily promoting "Dedh Ishqiya" alongside Mads on "Comedy with Kapil" while Sonakshi was promoting "R ... Rajkumar" elsewhere. The dresses themselves are not particularly flattering. The ladies worsened matters with their choice of accessories. Sonakshi's specs look goofy not trendy, and the ankle-strap heels paired with the mid-length dress just cuts her off. Meanwhile, Huma insists on wearing those singularly boring flats everywhere, it seems. A hemline that was bumped up an inch or two would help her immensely, as would swapping those chandeliers for classic pearls.

ASW Winter Weekend

Freida popped up in Gstaad a few days ago in a gorgeous right-off-the-runway Anamika Khanna ensemble. I like that Freida added her own touch with a dainty, thin belt. I love the mandarin-style collar of the blouse.

More Madhuri

La Dixit has really been hitting the pavement in promoting "Dedh Ishqiya". Appearing on "Comedy with Kapil" (in Manish Malhotra), and then attending the Colors Golden Petal Awards (seriously, who comes up with these names?). Both outtings were lovely, but I wish she'd thrown either a different silhouette into the mix for these two back-to-back appearances. The color of the Manish Malhotra suit puts me in mind of her now-iconic sari from "HAHK". You know the one!
I prefer the Jade by Karishma and Monica ensemble. The layered look and hot pink panel peeking out from beneath all that embroidery (we know La Dixit loves her some heavy embroidery), help liven things up. Perhaps a single-strand kundan necklace would have better balanced her look as opposed to the multi-strander by Gehna Jewelers. Though the desipolitan goes to her GPA look, I do want to note the reverse detailing of the Manish Malhotra piece. It's probably my favorite part of this partic…

Holiday hiatus

My holiday to-do list seems daunting at the moment. I'm afraid I'm going to have to put blogging on a temporary back burner until these presents get wrapped, holiday cards get mailed, and cookies for Santa get baked. I will try my utmost to post, but will likely be sporadically updating in the coming week. Thanks for bearing with me, and I hope you all are enjoying your holidays!


Color clash

Both actresses chose full-length monochromatic looks. Only one did so successfully. Rani went full on "Despicable Me" at the birthday celebration for Dilip Kumar. The full length accordion pleats make this one look more window treatment than dress. Shraddha, on the other hand, could give a master class on how to wear a single, bold color well. Admittedly, that's a whole lot of tangerine. But, the cut of the dress is trés sexy (jumpy claps for balancing the long sleeves with a high slit), she's paired it with a gold clutch and nude platforms, and that pink lip is the perfect finishing touch. Solid effort, Ms. Kapoor. Solid effort.

Mandira B at India Resortwear Fashion Week

Man oh man, is Mandira killing it with these appearances! There's something decidedly tropical about this color palette. Cue the steel drums...
I just love her color scheme so here's some color inspiration:

People watching at India Resortwear Fashion Week

Yep. IRFW is a real thing. Much like awards shows, these fashion weeks are cropping up left and right. No complaints here, though. It gives desi designers more avenues to showcase their wares. Also, and perhaps more importantly from my context, it makes for loads of celeb spotting fun.

First up, Celina and Preity and their matchtastic selves. Celina's frock was cute - plus the dark vertical stripes along the sides  further slimmed her already slender figure. I just don't see why the pumps had to match the belt exactly. Similarly, it's not PZ's look that I object to. In fact, I think she wears the dressy shorts look quite well, and separetly, I love the Choos. But together, it's a little extreme matching for my tastes. Props for the sequined sling, though. Per PZ, she had a minor hand surgery, and was under doctor's orders to wear the sling. I'll bet the doc was entirely silent on the issue of fashion. That's all PZ, all the way!

Kiesque Liquid Palisade Peel-Off Nail Polish Barrier [Updated Review]

Hooray for a company that actually listens to and responds to customer feedback! The good folks at Kiesque have improved their product packaging in response to customer concerns regarding the too-small opening that resulted in product clotting and damaging the applicator brush. The revamped packaging does in fact have a wider opening, and the results are fantastic! I've used the newly improved package twice now - both for manicures and pedicures, and I find the same nearly salon perfect results with clean lines and no straying polish. As I stated in my previous review, this stuff truly is akin to painter's tape for manis. The added bonus this time, is that I am not wasting copious amounts of product and the brush glides in and out effortlessly. Kudos, Kiesque!
Liquid Palisade retails for $22 and is available via online retailers, Amazon, and through In addition to your typical mani/pedi, it's also great for perfect french tips and fancier nail art. …

Seen and heard on "Koffee with Karan"

Karisma at "Our Girls, Our Pride" telethon

For festive occasions such as holiday parties, or any time you're likely to have a great deal of attention focused on  you, stylists often recommend shoulder embellishments that work to draw people's eyes up to your face. Karisma may have taken that advice a teensy bit too literally, as whatever is going on on her shoulders is veering close to overkill. Nonetheless, she takes deliberate risks, and I think the look works overall. The shoulder detailing seems to be calculated to balance the color and embellishment on her skirt. Despite the what the photo on the left suggests, Karisma's skirt was greige not mint green.

From zero to blinding

I certainly applaud the recent sartorial stylings of Mrs. Devgn. She's really experimenting with her look and testing the waters. Good for her. Recently, she went from one end of the spectrum to the other - literally going from an absence of color to in-your-face color. At the "Our Girls, Our Pride" event, she wore a drab grey Anushka Khanna maxi which she studiously avoided pairing with even a hint of color  (big mistake). At the HT Leadership Summit, she wore an eye-scorching Pankaj and Nidhi creation and paired it with ever-so-slightly frizzy hair. An interesting look; one which Kajol pulls off well.

"Dedh Ishqiya" promotions

The film's leading ladies both opted for red - Huma on "Bigg Boss" and La Dixit at Radio Mirchi. Huma's red suit held my interest with its floral detailing and sheer sleeves. Madhuri's was for sure a departure for her; it's nice to see her liven things up a bit by stepping away from the net saris.
Both ladies get a thumbs down for choice of footwear. Black flats? Really, Huma? Come on. And Mads, haven't you heard the adage that petite women should avoid ankle straps like the plague?

Burberry Brit launch in India

Indrani attended this event in classic model-off-duty attire. I so want her stone colored moto jacket. It's on-trend, and versatile due to its neutral color. I believe I just convinced myself that this moto jacket is a must-have fashion staple. Uh oh... Leave it to model Sonalika to remind us of what a nice color pairing red and purple make! She anchors her look by using black to break up the two colors . They actually look nice side by side as well. Don't believe me? Check out my color inspiration below.

On the sets of "Nach Baliye"

While both divas host their own dance-centric shows, IMHO La Dixit is Bollywood's Queen Bee of dance. No contest. But this post isn't about La Dixit versus La Shetty, or "Jhalak" versus "Nach Baliye" - although maybe one of you could enlighten me as to what exactly is the difference between these two shows? This post is about La Shetty's ability to exquisitely drape a sari. This Shivan and Narresh sari is not exactly easy to wear what with its bold print, color-blocking, and choker-style detailing, but Shilpa doesn't let it overpower her. Her chignon, diamond studs, and single cuff were spot on!

Desi designers turn up in Hollywood

I'm betting some of you are surprised that this isn't the first time JLo has turned up on these pages! Here she is at a March of Dimes fundraiser looking demure in a Bibhu Mohapatra mid-length dress. The simple, unfussy hair, along with the low key makeup and accessories complement the look well. There's something vaguely South Beachy about the splashes (quite literally) of color.

Farah Khan Fine Jewelry online shop launch

I was just saying earlier today that I wish Lara had swapped her sandals for a pair of nude platforms. Look at that! Ask and you shall receive, apparently. Lara definitely upped the style quotient of this cream colored shift with her footwear of choice. Also, I love her fresh-faced, minimal makeup look. Lucky girl! She doesn't need the war paint.

Normally I applaud Sushmita's fierce attitude. It seems like it bleeds out from her personality into her sartorial choices. But here, her leopard-tastic smock is better suited for arts and crafts hour. With that busy print, who'd notice a little spilled paint?
The Sisters Khan each have a unique look. Susanne embodies a youthful, boho vibe. Simone, on the other hand is prim and tailored with an unexpected olive gradient color palette. Unfortunately, the lady of the hour is just underwhelming. The earrings are fab, but the rest of her look is totally uninspired. A generic, sequined halter top and black pants? Yawn.

Kareena on "Koffee with Karan"

I have no idea which cousin said what about whom on "Koffee with Karan," but all that really interests me is Kareena's look on set. She manages to make hot pink look downright elegant. No easy feat, but credit is certainly due to the design accumen of Monisha Jaising for keeping the color well under control and avoiding the trap of veering into frou frou princess territory when the garment in question is not only hot pink, but a hot pink floor length number.
Stylist Tanya Ghavri kept jewellry adornments minimal, opting for a single diamond necklace. The real key to success here was having Kareena sweep her hair off to one side. Too many times I've seen starlets make the mistake of pairing a strapless gown with flowing tresses. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. A strapless neckline should be accented by a chignon, up-do, or as Kareena demos, hair swept to one side, leaving the shoulders exposed.

Battle of the exfoliating pads

I'm a big fan of daily, gentle exfoliation. It is important to be vigilant about exfoliation to prevent clogged pores and such. That said, stripping the skin's surface with harsh products will only motivate oily skin to kick oil production into overdrive, so it is crucial to fine a product that is effective without being harsh.

First Aid Beauty - Facial Radiance Pads The FAB pads contain lactic and glycolic acids which work as gentle exfoliators.
Pros: as advertised, these pads are effective exfoliators, yet do not result in tight, irritated skin. I used these pads as I would a toner - wiping it across my face, neck, and décolleté after I cleansed my skin. Also, the raised surface of the pads seems to aid in trapping dead skin.
Cons: as hubs, Kingfisher, will attest, I spend a lot of money on beauty products. It's a weakness. I know. However, even I, had to balk at the ridiculous price. $28/60 pads seems a bit much when there are effective alternatives available.

St. Ives …

Vicinia Cafe grand opening

Someone please tell Neil that it is officially December. As in, it is no longer November. As in, he cannot rely upon the excuse that it is Movember, and there is no "awww what a good cause" reason to be sporting that ridiculous 'stache.
Alright, Suchitra! I've got no complaints to lodge. The kurta is cute, matchstick jeans are flattering, and the loafers complete her casual, but well-dressed vibe. Totes appropriate for a cafe opening.

"Our Girls, Our Pride" telethon

Beauty with brains, Piggy Chops, recently hosted NDTV's "Our Girls, Our Pride" telethon to raise funds to support education for girls. First, can I just say, what a worthy cause! I am thrilled to see celebrities like PC utilize their brand power for positive change. Obviously intending to focus viewer attention on the very important matter at hand, PC went business cas in jeans and a button down, with hair pulled in a no-nonsense pony tail.

"Shut Up and Train" book launch

Lara D attended Deanne Pandey's fitness book launch in an every-so low key halter dress. Perfect for what I assume is a rather ho hum event. The deep blue color adds a dose of needed vibrancy so I am glad she steered clear of basic black. I do wish she'd have swapped those strappy, metallic heels for a pair of nude wedges or platforms. By the way, I'm not bitter at all that it is 23F where I live while Mrs. Bhupathi gets to frolic in summery frocks. Grrrrr.

"Dedh Ishqiya" promotions on "Bigg Boss"

I love everything about the Arpita Mehta net sari worn by La Dixit on the sets of "Bigg Boss".  It's a very interesting color palette - I particularly liked the ombre effect as the sari appears to bleed from pale gold to saturated pink. The aqua border added a fun touch, and the spangled blouse, the right amount of oomph without overpowering the bold sari itself. Golf claps all around!
Here's my color inspiration for any of you who like this rather unique color combination:

IBFW wrap-up