Thursday, November 7, 2013

UN Foundation Global Leadership Awards Dinner

Seriously. Have I said before that Piggy Chops seems to be everywhere all at once? She just recently popped up at this awards dinner benefiting the Foundation's Global Classrooms Model United Nations Program. And you know what? PC wasn't the "celebrity" that made me most star struck. That would be  the ever-elegant Queen Rania of Jordan. She radiates intelligence, beauty, and loads of grace. And she is quite the champion of human (specifically women's) rights. Can you tell I am a huge fan? I'm just thrilled to finally have an on-topic reason to mention HM on desipolitan! The Danes have Princess Mary, and the Brits have the Duchess of Cambridge, but Queen Rania has been on the scene longest. Sidebar: these three ladies comprise my list of most fashionable royals.
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Back to the matter at hand. I wish PC had opted for a darker, non-strapless number a la Queen R. Priyanka's choice just seems to fall flat, and lacks the gravitas for a fundraising dinner such as this. Not digging those bangs either. Here's another pic of PC from the event. The dress just seems like it'd have been more appropriate for an entertainment-industry bash rather than this particular event.
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