Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kiesque Liquid Palisade Peel-Off Nail Polish Barrier

Let me begin by saying that I want to love this product. Truly, I do. It is ingenious. Available at retailers like and Amazon, Liquid Palisade is intended to work like painter's tape for manis. You simply paint it around your nails, apply polish, and peel off. You are left with salon-worthy perfection. No joke.
So what's my problem, you ask? In one word: packaging. Liquid Palisade is a packaging disaster. After 3 uses, the tube opening becomes congealed with the product. I bought it twice and I tried hard the second time to keep the opening clear, going to so far as to use safety pins to do so. Unfortunately, sooner rather than later, the opening becomes clogged. The tiny applicator brush gets manhandled and destroyed by inserting in and out of the clogged opening, thus rendering more than 3/4 of the bottle useless. At $22/.35 fl oz, I really need to get my money's worth. So thanks, but no thanks, Kiesque. Here's hoping you get this straightened out, because the product actually works like a charm when its not foiled by its own packaging.

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