Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello! Awards

Best in Leading Lady
The reigning queen bees of B-town both attended this event in red gowns. Don't their stylists communicate?! Anyway, since I've got to choose, I'll give the edge to DPads though I'm not gaga over her gown by any means.

 It's just that Piggy's Monisha Jaisingh was ... how shall I say this delicately ... more appropriate for an ice skating rink in Sochi come February. The only place I flesh-toned mesh paneling to be acceptable is on those tiny, twirling figure skaters. Add to that, the jeweled embellishments only cheapened the whole look. Basically, what I'm saying is the only positive to Piggy's look was her flawless hair and makeup. Oh, and those gold peep-toe Choos. I would not mind owning a pair of those.
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