Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Bullett Raja" special screening

Looks like Bebo wasn't the only starlet who wasn't firing on all cylinders at the "Bullett Raja" special screening. While she didn't look like she was in the midst of disinfecting her bathtub, Sonakshi's faux pas was fairly egregious. No matter how many bells and whistles (or in this case, zippers) one adds to leggings, they are still leggings. Please, for the love of God, do not tuck your blouse into your spandex. I really did not anticipate making a second Sally O'Malley reference in less than a month. Blergh.
Via Filmfare


Dosti said...

Its a good movie with indian political plots.but the heroine is having a lesser role in this movie.The climax was good,but it was bit hurried climax,that means it could have been taken better.its a entertainer.

Desipolitan Soniya said...

Thanks for the review, Dosti!