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Jyotsna Tiwari - IBFW

The lehengas and shararas with the ruffled hems, and layers of tulle peeking out , gave these models the appearance of floating down the runway. What bride wouldn't want to recreate that for her entrance? The full tulle layers seem to be a nod to western influence. Overall, I quite liked the show. One quibble: a corset ≠choli. Just sayin'.
For those of you seeking color inspiration based on this show, I'm here to help! Enjoy!

Aamby Valley City India Bridal Fashion Week

The lovely Jacqueline was the show stopper for Jyotsna Tiwari at IBFW. And while the teensy choli might be a little more scandalous than what most brides actually opt for, the color and detail are undeniably gorge.

Attack of the minions!

Ok, admittedly my son controls the movie selection in my home, and I may have seen "Despicable Me" a few thousand times. This headline is what occurred to me when I saw photos of Bips and Urmi in Manish Malhotra creations. Far be it from me to say I dislike a Manish Malhotra suit, but I guess lemon just isn't my color. So I'll go so far as to say I didn't love these.
At the Masala Awards, Urmi's lemony suit was accented with pale gold net overlays. That helped tone down the lemonyness, but the whole look was rather uninspired. My humble suggestion for color pairings with lemon: (here, too!) Bips attended a Maya Jewels event in her's and I must say, '80s pink (trust me - the photo on the right is poorly lit; it's not coral) is a kicky touch. But, the neck and sleeve detail look more suited for a stage show, don't ya think?

Blender's Pride Fashion Tour

Kalki was the showstopper for Neeta Lulla at BPFT. This is the only explanation available for her clownish hair. Listen. I know it's a runway look, but Bozo hair isn't going to sell clothes. Speaking of the clothes, I wish this dress had been cut off at knee-length. The nude panel adds zero value.

Divaa Jewelry Delhi launch

Looks like Ravs is back to her much loved (by her) and much hated (by me) uniform of oddly cropped at the ankle pants, oversize tunic, and wedges. Previous outings here, and here, and here. Perhaps this is going to be the uniform for the Divaa team as co-designer Roopa Vohra has a similar - though more successful - ensemble.

Blender's Pride Fashion Tour

What in the name of all that is holy is this?! I'm rarely at a loss for words, but is that ... acetate? Tucked into a mini skirt posing as peplum? Skirt that desperately requires a visit to a tailor? Horrors.

On the flip side, while her stylist's job should be very much on the line, Tamannaah's hair and makeup team has solid job security.

Carol's Daughter Monoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum

Looking for a great style finisher and frizz fighter that doesn't weigh your hair down? Hair oils might be the just the answer. Not "new" by any means, these oils seem to be quite trendy at the moment. Their claim to fame? No silicones to excessively coat and weight hair down. Also, since they are concentrated oils, a little goes a long way. 
I tried Carol's Daughter Monoi Oil as I was interested in hair oils, but found that Mom's neem (Dabur brand) was too little actual neem oil, and too many fillers. Here's the Carol's Daughter claim:

This lightweight, silicone-free, miracle oil reverses and prevents damage to even the most distressed hair caused by heat-styling, color-treating and chemical straightening.Plus, No Silicones, No Parabens, No Petroleum, No Mineral Oil, No Artificial Colors Protect your hair from all damage. Its strengthening power comes from Monoi Oil – a sacred Tahitian blend of the Tiare Gardenia Flower and Coprah Coconut Oil. This silic…

Wow. Just wow.

Boy can this girl wear a sari. La Shetty was flawless in a Masaba sari on the sets of "Nach Baliye". That is all.

"Bullett Raja" special screening

Looks like Bebo wasn't the only starlet who wasn't firing on all cylinders at the "Bullett Raja" special screening. While she didn't look like she was in the midst of disinfecting her bathtub, Sonakshi's faux pas was fairly egregious. No matter how many bells and whistles (or in this case, zippers) one adds to leggings, they are still leggings. Please, for the love of God, do not tuck your blouse into your spandex. I really did not anticipate making a second Sally O'Malley reference in less than a month. Blergh.

Hello! Awards

Best in Khan King Khan does look sharp, however in my book, tuxes trump all.

Best in Pink Poorna wears this whimsical yet structured Gauri & Nainika gown with natural ease. Simply stunning. Meanwhile, Natasha looks to be really seriously channeling Barbie what with her hot pink pouffy gown and pageant hair.

Hello! Awards

Best in Dior Though her black/white look was on the simplistic side, I have to go with Shraddha in this dueling Dior comparison. While I would've loved to see a bold pop of color somewhere (beyond her minaudière)to break up the cater waiter vibe, she does look lovely. 
I'm just not a big fan of Kangana's crumpled satin though I do prefer the peach color to Shraddha's lack of color. Side note: Kangana's darkened brows really change her face. I thought she was momentarily unrecognizable.

Better at 1, or 2?

Lolo certainly does not make it easy on us. But push come to shove, I will say I prefer the Shantanu & Nikhil suit she wore at an awards show in Delhi as I really love the collar and button detailing.
She was equally elegant in a Nupur Kanoi anarkali at the Asia Vision Awards, but that particular suit was a little more "typical" in the same way that the Shantanu & Nikhil was refreshingly different. Needless to say, she was  impeccably styled at both events.

Hello! Frumpy?

Somebody please tell me what Evelyn was thinking. Old time-y librarian? In which case, all she needs is a pair of cat-eye glasses to complete the look. That, and a sign reading "Quiet. No talking in the library."

Hello! Awards

Best in Leading Lady The reigning queen bees of B-town both attended this event in red gowns. Don't their stylists communicate?! Anyway, since I've got to choose, I'll give the edge to DPads though I'm not gaga over her gown by any means.

 It's just that Piggy's Monisha Jaisingh was ... how shall I say this delicately ... more appropriate for an ice skating rink in Sochi come February. The only place I flesh-toned mesh paneling to be acceptable is on those tiny, twirling figure skaters. Add to that, the jeweled embellishments only cheapened the whole look. Basically, what I'm saying is the only positive to Piggy's look was her flawless hair and makeup. Oh, and those gold peep-toe Choos. I would not mind owning a pair of those.

Hello! Hall of Fame Awards

Madam Re has a uniform and religiously sticks to it. At the Hello! Awards she looked like she strolled right off the Diva'ni runway in another gold kanjeevaram with a three-quarter sleeve blouse. Can't deny that she's created her own look, and rocks it every. single. time.

"Dedh Ishqiya" trailer launch

La Dixit is really into taking and sharing selfies (although it is not really a selfie if she has Butler take the pics).  Here's our fave diva en route to the trailer launch for "Desh Ishqiya". This look is very much a staple in the Lolo lookbook - I think Karisma would approve. Slimming black pants? Check. Accented with a textured top? Check check. One hopes Bebo is paying close attention!

Airport attire: mummy-beti ishtyle

Well, I last covered the hoopla surrounding Beti B right around her birth. Seems time has flown! The lovely mum-daughter duo was recently snapped at the airport. I'm digging Aaradhya's glittery, pink Toms. Cho chweet! And Mum's long, grey cardi and maxi skirt are perfect for chilly airplanes.

Asia Vision Awards

Yep, yet another awards show that brings out our B-town favorites in droves. It seems like there's a new awards show every other week. Rani received an award for something or the other and wore a striking sari. I love the embroidery on her pallu; a nice surprise on an otherwise sober sari. The coordinating bangles were a nice touch too.

Gadgil Jewellers event

The brand's newest spokesperson, La Dixit attended a recent promotional event in a floor length anarkali. My first thought was "that's a whole lot of tangerine". When you've got long panels of monochromatic fabric, you do run the risk of resembling a window treatment. Not so here. The soft hair and makeup complement the suit nicely.

Abu Dhabi Film Festival

Lemon can be a tricky color to wear, but I feel Tisca nailed it. The asymmetrical grey kurta paired well with the lemon pants. The statement necklace was necessary as the Payal Singhal suit was unembellished. Kudos to stylist Sonali Mansingka as Tisca looks effortlessly chic.
A head-to-toe lemon ensemble is a little too Tweety Bird-esque for my taste. In addition to pairing well with neutrals such as white and grey, lemon also looks sharp with blue and violet if you're feeling extra bold!

"Bullett Raja" screening

Again, Bebo?! She lost the 'do rag and tossed on a hoodie, but the rest of her outfit remains essentially unchanged. I really wish she'd pick any other look to x2. At least this time it's not her own film screening she's attending. That said, "Bullett Raja" (sic) does star her hubs, so you'd think she'd pull it together.

Meanwhile, big sis was casual yet pulled together, as per ush.

Hat trick for Sabyasachi

Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee scored a hat trick at the concluding ceremony of the Kolkata International Film Festival where Bengali beauties Sushmita, Bipasha, and Rani were honored. All 3 actresses wore stunning Sabya creations. Got a favorite?

amfAR Gala

Well, it's been a while since we've had an unidentified fashion disaster hasn't it? There was an age-completely-inappropriate UFD at the amfAR gala. Her sari is actually quite lovely, and as the woman pictured to the left demonstrates, there is no age limitation on wearing bright, saturated hues.  The UFD, however, neglected to pair her gorgeous sari with a blouse - or so it seems. Now, call me a prude, but I find the illusion of no-blouse to be distasteful even on the young. So you can imagine my thoughts on this Golden Girl appearing in public in a non-existant or super skimpy blouse. If our UFD needs some more sari pointers, Madam Dimps or Shobha De provide additional examples of how to rock a sari (regardless of age)


Sister, sister

The Kapoor sisters were recently spotted at the airport. Given her recent mystifying appearance, I'm shocked that little sister actually bested big sis in a sisterly fashion face-off. Bebo looks polished in neutrals - much better than her last airport look. Even though I am a big fan of pink, I generally feel moderation is key. I think Lolo OD'd on the gulabi.

amfAR Gala

Aishwaryashek and Sharon Stone recently cohosted India's first amfAR gala to raise funds for AIDS research. Let's start with one of the hostesses, shall we?

Best in Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla Nargis wins for her bold yet elegant evening gown. The bold lip really complemented the gown. La Rai's look wasn't shabby by any stretch, just (yawn) on the boring side, as was her typical hair/makeup which lacked the oomph factor you might expect for a gala event.

Best in Beige Natasha's gown - while certainly elegant - was a whole lot of satin. Sophie's tasteful pleats, and lace detail were more interesting to my eye. Sophie clinched the win with a '20s inspired chignon. Natasha looked a tad pageant-queenish.

Best in Daring Suchitra's skin-tight, cut-out design was plainly unflattering. Lisa's Tarun Tahiliani number just had too much going on. The desipolitan goes to Sonal, whose Amit Aggarwal gown had plenty of daring details, but stayed on the good side of ta…

Epic fail

Bebo and Imran were recently joined by celeb friends at the theater to catch their latest: Gori Tere Pyaar Mein; not that you'd have guessed that based upon Bebo's attire. I know this wasn't a premiere or some other red carpet event, however, it was clearly meant as a promotional outing for GTPM, and as such, Mrs. Nawab should have expected to be photographed. Her Patiala pants, shlubby tank, and 'do rag are just a perplexing choice for her. She looks as though she was in the middle of scrubbing her bathroom (a task she has surely never actually done herself), and realized she needed to make a run for more cleaning supplies. Come on, Bebo. You are the star after all. Take a cue from Imran, Lolo, Kangana ... heck, I'm sure everyone else was better dressed.

Filmi Forecast: "Gulaab Gang"

This Madhuri/Juhi starrer is inspired by the real-life Gulabi Gang, women social activists who have been known to respond to violence against women and children with their own brand of vigilante justice. Let's just say these women have no qualms with resorting to violence. With a rather incendiary group as the film's inspiration, the first look is rather intense. La Dixit's avatar is sufficiently terrifying, don't you think?

"Gori Tere Pyaar Mein" costumes

It remains to be seen whether Gori Tere Pyaar Mein will be the box office smash that it is predicted to be, but one thing is certain. Manish Malhotra's costumes do not disappoint. We are treated to classic MM at his finest. Bebo's gao ki gori "Dia" has the most covetable wardrobe of any village belle I've seen!