Friday, October 18, 2013

Navratri Wrap-up

Ahhhh, Navratri. That time of year when Bollywood's leading ladies (and wannabes) get dressed in their finest and head to the mandir for nine nights of free photo ops while smiling brightly with hands piously folded before the deity. I am a cynic, through and through. But seriously.

Best in Pious
A well fitted anarkali can't go wrong. However it is on the drab side for the festival season.
I'm loving this Devdas-esque braid on Kajol. It's a nice alternative from her go-to slicked back bun (see below). I'm not a big fan of the table-cloth sari phenomenon traditional though it may be.
Everything is working here except for that tribal print that reminds me of Burning Man. Surely this is not the association that Rani was going for.
I know it's counterintuitive, but bear with me - I'll award desipolitans (yes, I know. No booze during navratri) to Rani and Sushmita. Both were absolute perfection in traditional silk saris with minimal extraneous embellishment. Kajol also had several worthy outtings, but I think cousin Rani one-upped her by a smidge.

Best of (er worst of) the Rest
Seriously? Mallika looks like an extra that wandered off the sets of Devdas. Trying. Too. Hard.
All photos: bollywoodhungama
The sari is simply unflattering. And for future reference, the bindi on one's forehead ought not to be the same size as one's blouse.

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