Saturday, October 19, 2013

Herbal Essences Smooth Collection

This drug store cheapie was a staple of my high school days. I recall it being a perfectly ordinary shampoo/conditioner, but its heady floral scent was what made it special. I used it regularly for years until it vanished off drug store shelves. Recently, the folks at Herbal Essences decided to reintroduce the duo. The shampoo still produces a nice lather and leaves the scalp feeling clean but not dry, and the conditioner is adequate in terms of moisturizing. The real reason I picked up this little gem, was the scent. Mercifully, they didn't tweak the scent and it is exactly as I remember it: sweet florals that continue to linger in your hair for some time after washing.
Herbal Essences
While they didn't appear to alter the formula at all, they did modify the packaging a bit. Now I'm no cosmetic chemist, but I do feel like the new packaging is misleading. They're clearly trying to capitalize on the anti-silicon, anti-sulfate movement. I personally feel the jury is out on the silicon=bad, sulfates=bad issues, but that's for another post. Advertising your shampoo as silicon free, and your conditioner as sulfate free is odd. It triggers the consumer's eye, but then what conditioner do you use that actually contains sulfates? Now shampoos on the other hand, and Herbal Essences Smooth shampoo is no exception, typically do contain sulfates as the cleansing agent. And who cares if the shampoo contains silicon or not? It's certainly a mystery to me.

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