Sunday, October 20, 2013

Battle of the Significant Others

Somebody please inform Vivek that the overly acid washed look is so out (if it ever was "in") and to get a hair cut. Also, let Aftab know that too tight khakis paired with a too tight black jacket do not a good look make. Now, seeing as how the leading men were utterly disappointing in their attire at the success party for Grand Masti, let's turn our attention to their gals.
I think Mrs. Vivek Oberoi was trying to look ladylike. She missed the mark. That off-the-shoulder top just doesn't work with those camel pants, and forget about the matching shoes. It was a bad mashup of clubwear meets afternoon tea. While I didn't care for Nin Dusanj's satin number (because it would be more appropriate on a Homecoming-bound teenager), she wins this round for sure!

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