Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ahakzai Grand Opening

Alvira Khan had ample star power on hand to support her in the opening of her boutique. Barkeep, a round of desipolitans, please!

Best in Tricolor
MAK is a little drab over all. The red lip alone isn't enough to rescue the limp locks and boring suit. Methinks it'd be better saved for an Independence Day celebration. On the other hand, Divya is absolutely smashing and elegant in this challenging color combo.

Best in Desi with Modern Twist
Granted Alvira must have been busy with her grand opening and all, but you'd think at least MAK would've given sis-in-law a few pointers such as wear chudidaars with your kurtas unless your kurta is tunic length, in which case a pair of skinnies will do. Never, ever black leggings though. Save those for your Zumba class. Shruti handily wins this round. Spot (err stripe) on perfection!

Best in Sari
Mini, Sangeeta, and Shaina NC all had solid entries, but I'm going to go with Maria. She enlivened a traditional weave with neon pops of color and a tribal-inspired necklace. So chic!

Best in Trouser Chic
Let me just stop for a moment and pick up my jaw off the ground. Ms. Sherawat actually looks decent (read: not half-nekkid). Well-dressed, even. Kudos, girl! As pleased as I am with Mallika's attire here, in this competition she's up against Karisma who sort of owns this look. Take comfort, Mallika, you were a close second. And seriously, keep it up.

Best in Color Block
This one's easy peasy as I have no idea what Urmi was going for here. Sophie, hands down!

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