Monday, April 16, 2012


It's a battle of the biggest peach. First up is Sania, who graced Raveena's talk show in a bo-ring peach number which she accessorized with a massive ring and an even more massive cuff. The colorblock wedges would be fun and whimsical with another outfit, but they're just jarring along with the other mismash of accessories. If she wanted to keep the wedges (which are easily my favorite part of her look), she'd need to swap out everything else and maybe pull her hair up to offset the shorter hemline.
Next up, is Niddhi Subbaiah (who?) at a promo event for Ajab Gazabb Love. What have we got here? Flouncy peach dress more suited to a little girl than a grown-a$$ woman, strappy nude heels, a necklace she must have purchased along with her teenybopper dress, and unkempt hair. Blurgh. I'm afraid our contestants for this YBTJ haven't given us much to work with at all. They both get a thumbs down accompanied by some loud booing from me.
Photos: getty.

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