Thursday, April 5, 2012

Perhaps Not the Best Choice

I've been rolling my eyes quite a bit of late at headlines regarding La Rai's purported post-baby weight gain. Just because La Rai is easing back in to Bolly business doesn't mean the public should jump all over her if she hasn't dropped every last pregnancy pound. It drives me mad. I will not engage in any mindless speculation over La Rai's weight. However, I will say that no matter what one's weight, flattering attire is a must. I think she nailed it in Dubai, but this AJ-SK creation at the L'oreal Femina Awards, is just. not. flattering.
Love the colors, but that big, geometric print does nothing to slim the silhouette. She of course, looks radiant. But I think solid colors or a smaller print would have been oodles better. That said, I actually really love this chudidaar kurta. Just not on La Rai. I think a Bolly beanpole like Deepika would absolutely kill it. Photos: getty, reuters.

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