Friday, April 13, 2012

Lilavati Campaign

Manish Malhotra recently used his power of design for good (good as in a broader, social context; not as in merely outfitting the glamerati). He displayed his traditional creations at a fashion show intended to raise public awareness for the Lilavati Campaign which states as its motto "Save and Empower the Girl Child." Now there's a cause I think we can all support (p.s. how cute is Sush's little girl?).
Now for the obligatory fashion commentary: no major surprises here. As per ush, MM is MM. I love the contrast between the nude or white colors paired with sheer net paneling (it's almost like a sharara without actually being a sharara), and the color soaked borders. There seems to be a bit of flounce at the bottom of some of the pieces. Makes for a good ol' fashioned dramatic entrance.  Photos: getty

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