Monday, April 16, 2012

Joining the Ranks

It seems like every '90s starlet is busy launching her comeback to Bollywood via talk shows. First PZ, then La Dixit joined Jhalak Dhiklaja (she's rumored to be moving on to the new Sony venture Dance Premier League - how original right?), and now Ravs has joined them with NDTV's Issi Ka Naam Zindagi. Here's a look at Ravs with her guest Sania M (who might also be trying to launch a non-tennis career). Ravs looks great - she's toned down the two-toned mermaid hair, and while she insists on wearing the mega-smokey eye, at least she wears it well! Her chudidaar kurta is sleek and the gold/bronze ombre effect on the odhni and kurta are quite nice. She loses me on her choice of footwear, though. Flipflops? Seriously? The wedge doesn't a dressy flip flop make!
Photos: getty

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