Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cover Story: Cine Blitz

One look at this star-packed cover and you have to wonder what the photo shoot must have been like. I'm envisioning two divas ferociously shoving one another in an attempt to box the other out of cover space. Although I lack any specific knowledge of bad blood between Kit Kat and Bebo, I have a hard time picturing anything other than the frostiest of cold vibes exchanged by these two at the shoot (if there in fact was a shoot....photoshop would be far easier!). Methinkgs they would no more share screen space than cover space; especially after Kat's item hit in Bebo's Bodyguard. So I have to ask the good people at Cine Blitz, why wrangle in all that diva fire power,  if your team is hell bent on putting out such a bland cover.
Photo: bipasha-fan, pink villa

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