Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Case of the Incredibly Shrinking Woman

... or the case of overuse of Photoshop. I'm not sure what the case is here, but dang, girl! Mrs. A looksk amazing on the cover of Hello!. Perhaps Mrs. Ambani has a fabulous fitness regime? If that's the case, I do hope she'll share her secret! But there's no doubt that Mrs. Ambani has shed quite a bit of poundage in recent years. Don't believe me? Here's her recent Hello! cover  followed by an assortment of photos of the last few years.
Photo: smitag, bollywood mantra, go bollywood


shopoholic etc said...

she might have shrunk..but until she loses lyk atleast 15 pounds more i think she shud wear indian..flatters her more !

desipolitan said...

Fair point. Indian attire is definitely flattering on virtually any body type.