Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bappa Lahiri - Taneesha Verma Sangeet

Let's hand out some desipolitans, shall we?

Best in Safe
Taneesha wins, and not just cuz she's the bride.
Pale gold is safe, yes. But boring, no!

Best in Color
Sharbani, love the sari, but lose the
granny handbag and try and locate a
matching blouse, will you?
Lovely lehnga. Too bad Shibani tucked
away that odhni. You are kind of missing the
point, lady. Also, what are you thinking with that
bronze handbag?!
Love the color combo, but what exactly
is this? I Dream of Jeannie goes to India?
Good effort, but those silver shoes and
ginormous clutch are ruining the look.
Yawn, Tejaswini. Could you possibly
be more boring?
Photos: bollywood hungama

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