Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back In Business

Bless her heart, La Rai has up until recently opted to keep professional commitments at a minimum in order to spend time with baby Aaradhana Aaradhya (never did hear an official Baby B name announcement). I hope the time together has been fulfilling to both mamma and bebe. As of two days ago, it looks like La Rai is ready to make a return to her movie star obligations. With her little one in tow, La Rai jetted off to the Dubai World Cup as part of her longstanding relationship with Longines. Although her appearance in a traditional Sabya suit marks a departure for a racing event (no sharp dresses or wild toppers here), I do completely sympathize. A few months post-bebe, and let's be honest, this is exactly what most new mommies would relish. Fashion and comfort with the added bonus of camoflauge. Not saying La Rai needs it, but who can blame her if she does!
Photos: bollywood hungama, gulfnews


Apple said...

I heard the baby's name is aaradhya but until the parents don't confirm we can call her anything :) she definitely looks so pretty. Love her confidence and the color suits her well!

desipolitan said...

OMG, Apple. You are right - I think I got the "Aar-" part and then just invented the rest. Ooops!