Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rumors or Rubbish?

Lolo and Bebo hit the red carpet at the Filmfare Awards together in Manish Malhotra creations. While Lolo looked remarkably svelte and elegant as per ush (again, I am ignoring the apparent absence of a sari blouse all-together), sister Bebo was ... well? What? How do I say this delicately, Kareena? Perhaps it's time you take a cue from your sis (who by the way has had 2 kids) and opt for slightly more opaque sari material in the future?
I don't know which of these plausible explanations is correct:
          a) you are pregnant,
          b) you are not but are trying your hardest to fuel those rumors to help bolster your film, or
          c) you are totally clueless.
Not one to carp about weight issues on this blog, I will say this much: Kareena, if you want to wear the super sheer net saris, you must have a toned structure (and by "structure" I mean tummy). I'm talking a Bipasha-style midriff. Remember how fabulous Bips looked at the G-R reception in her Falguni and Shane number? Here's a look for comparison:
Do you see what I'm saying, Kareena? You risked an unfortunate angle with the result being a photograph like this where you truly do look preggers. Of course if it's answer choice "a" that is correct, then please disregard the above message and God bless!
Photo: filmicafe, santabanta


Niya said...

Even though I'm not a fan of Kareena's blouse, I think it's cool that she is wearing a sheer sari "despite" her not-completely-flat-stomach! In my opinion, sari's are the best option for women who are not size zero :)

And I think size zero women like Bipasha look "hard" or even a little unfeminine with sari's!

desipolitan said...

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, Niya. As always, I appreciate hearing differing views :)

Harshleen Kaur Chhabra said...

Even I think Kareena looks pretty in that sheer net sari.......and as Niya said much more feminine than Bips!

desipolitan said...

Looks like I might be in the minority on this one ;)

Frances said...

I think the problem with Kareena's saree isn't so much the sheerness of the fabric, as it is the extremely low waist. I think she would look great if she'd draped (tied?) the waist a half-inch below the navel. I definitely agree with you in that to wear such a sheer fabric, so low on the hips requires a Shilpa Shetty-esque midriff.

desipolitan said...

@Frances I think you are on to something! If you look at how Karisma has tied hers you see it's tied higher. I definitely think the ultra low waist is a big contributor to the problematic appearance for Kareena.