Saturday, February 4, 2012

OMG. Is that a sari?!

The Brits over at the Daily Mail had a very "$hit white girls say to Indian girls" moment recently when they published a photo of Shilpa S. debuting her baby bump in what they dubbed a sari. Hey dummies, just because the wearer is Indian, and the attire is Indian, doesn't mean it's a sari. We do have other types of clothing, you know. Plus, this is just some lazy-ass journalism. Your paper is UK-based. There are desis everywhere. Literally, everywhere. The copy editor could've hollered down the hall, and surely some desi would've set them straight.
Anywho. Shilpa looks fantastic in her anarkali. I love this style so, but it has become such a maternity option that I fear incurring the incessant questions of a 1,000 nosy aunties if I ever step out of the house in one! Photo: getty.

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