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Should've Listened to Mom

While Tanuja rocked a lace red sari at the Stardust Awards (seriously, no dressing like a little old lady here!), her daughters clearly didn't heed her fashion advice. Taneesha is her usual hot mess. She looks like she wrapped herself in satin bed sheets which she inadvertently dragged through mud. And what is the deal with her perpetual bedhead? Does she have something against combs and styling products?
Kajol, meanwhile, could have also adopted her Mom's less is more strategy. There's just too much going on with her sari. The overall fit of Kajol's outfit is miles ahead of Tanisha, and draping is quite unique, however the silver appliques and chains are distracting.
Photos: filmicafe

That's a Whole Lotta Color!

But I think Chitragandha wears it well. She floated down the red carpet at the Filmfare Awards in this color-blocked gown by Salvatore  Ferragamo. The key to wearing such vibrant colors, particularly in a floor length piece? Minimalist hair and makeup. By pulling her hair up and away from her face, and using a nude makeup palette, Chitragandha avoids the trap of distracting from a bold design with splashy makeup and big hair.
Photo: getty.

Loubies, Desi Ishtyle?

Fresh off news that this purveyor of red-soled, sky-high heels with a hefty price tag that are so coveted both by fashionistas and Bolly starlets alike, will be entering the Indian market with retail shops in Mumbai and Delhi, Christian Louboutin has unveiled a Bollywood insipred Spring/Summer 2012 collection.
Said the designer, "I love Bollywood and all those films. The women there are very feminine. And I love saris." IMHO, his Bollywood collection is reflective of that statement: a hodgepodge of desi elements in pump form. Pictured here are styles "Bollywoody" and "Devidas". Thoughts? Via: luxpresso, fashion united.

Rumors or Rubbish?

Lolo and Bebo hit the red carpet at the Filmfare Awards together in Manish Malhotra creations. While Lolo looked remarkably svelte and elegant as per ush (again, I am ignoring the apparent absence of a sari blouse all-together), sister Bebo was ... well? What? How do I say this delicately, Kareena? Perhaps it's time you take a cue from your sis (who by the way has had 2 kids) and opt for slightly more opaque sari material in the future?
I don't know which of these plausible explanations is correct:
          a) you are pregnant,
          b) you are not but are trying your hardest to fuel those rumors to help bolster your film, or
          c) you are totally clueless.
Not one to carp about weight issues on this blog, I will say this much: Kareena, if you want to wear the super sheer net saris, you must have a toned structure (and by "structure" I mean tummy). I'm talking a Bipasha-style midriff. Remember how fabulous Bips looked at the G-R reception in her Falgu…

Blah versus Vaah.

Don't get me wrong, Piggy Chops was elegant at the Apsara Awards in her crisp, white sari. Well minus the detailing of that blouse which was totally proper in front, but resembled a plain white bra from behind. While Piggy epitomizes graceful sari draping, overall, I thought her look was dull. Pretty, but dull.
Anushka, on the other hand, brought her A game (read: Sabyasachi). I'm loving the contrast between the rich velvet and the sheer, pink netting. It was great to see a starlet other than Vidya B turning to this designer. Kudos!
Photos: filmicafe.

It's Her MO

Like pal Manyata, Amisha has a distinct preference for the sheer sari (net or otherwise). She also prefers barely there blouses. You can always count on Amisha to take a sari to its barest, sheerest limits. Her appearance at the Apsara Awards was actually pretty tame by her standards.
Photo: filmicafe

The Long and Short of It

I've never met a DVF wrap dress I didn't love. However Manyata managed to make the iconic dress less appealing at a recent Rotary watch launch. For starters, the hem ought to have been taken up to at least knee level. It's totally overwhelming her. The cami worn under the dress is unnecessary IMHO, but if she really wanted the extra coverage, at least opt for a lacy one. The shoes are just not working and her accessorizing is haphazard. The scalloped red and gold clutch just plain does not go with this outfit. Blurgh!
Photos: filmicafe, bollywood hungama

Wedding Wrap-up

Whew. I think this may be the last of the Genelia-Ritesh wedding-related posts.

Best in Pink
Best Surprise Photos: ndtv, filmicafe

Wedding Wrap-up

Here's a quick recap of several "best of" desipolitan winners from the Genelia-Ritesh wedding reception.

Best in Playing it Safe Best Impression of a Traffic Signal

Seen and Heard

Photos: ashwini sawant/dna india

Seen and Heard

Photos: ashwini sawant/dna india

Seen and Heard

Oh those Bolly celebs. The Gen-esh nuptials provided plenty of giggles - at least in my mind. Hope y'all enjoy.
Photos: filmicafe, ashwini sawant/dna india, milind shelte/ndtv

Manyata's Closet

If we were to take a dekho at the contents of Mrs. D's closet, I suspect it would be stocked with many, many net saris. They seem to be her favorite if prior appearances are to be believed.
Most recently, she was spotted at the Gen-esh sangeet accompanied by her woefully underdressed hulk of a husband.
And her reception attire was - what else? - a net sari, naturally. She paired said net sari with another forever go-to: her curly, over-gelled, half-up, hair over one shoulder style. Yawn.
I'm hearing scuttlebutt that she designed many of these herself. Perhaps she should stick to her day job (whatever that is). Just sayin'. Photos: getty, business of cinema, filmicafe

Genelia weds Ritesh. Twice.

Genelia and Ritesh tied the knot - twice - as they had two wedding ceremonies to respect the faiths of each of their families. A lavish Maharashtrian wedding ceremony was held at the Grand Hyatt in Santa Cruz. The bride was clad in a Neeta Lulla-designed sari while the groom wore a white sherwani complete with red feta.
Later, they had a Christian ceremony at a church in Bandra where the bride glowed in a Shantanu and Nikhil creation.
For their wedding reception, the duo returned to the Grand Hyatt. Genelia was clad in a Ritu Kumar lengha. My take: the antique embroidery is pretty, if a bit dull for the bride. They make a lovely couple.
Photos: getty, bollywood masala magazine, filmicafe