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We don't see you! Apparently, Shilpa is borrowing a page from La Rai's book. Attending an event in Mumbai recently, Shilpa was clad in what has now become ubiquitous maternity-wear: the anarkali. Like La Rai, Shilpa made full use of her dupatta to cover her growing bump. She looks great!
Photo: mid-day.

You're Joking, Right?

Attending an event alongside not one, but two glammed up actresses, you might think it odd that Neil (my Daddy's famous, yaar) M. would be the focus on my rant. But alas, that is the case with the Dubai premiere of Players. What's my problem? In one word: mullet. He is sporting "business in front, party in back" hill billy hair. It's not hot. It's not attractive. And it makes Abhi's poofy, in-need-of-a-cut hair actually look decent by comparison.
With the tux, it makes NNM look like something straight out of an '80s high school yearbook. Don't ya agree? Here, let me help you visualize: 2Cool + 2Be = 4Gotten. Not.
On to the ladies. Promo work alongside Sonam has apparently revved Bips' fashionista engine. She rocked out her G&N gown. Meanwhile, Sonam trotted out one of the big guns in the form of a Gaultier creation. Splashing about in haute (international) couture is only beneficial when the pieces are flattering. This gown was "meh&q…

Optical Illusion

I am of course referring to the trickery (unintentionally) played by Ravs at a Seven Seas press meet. From afar she looks quite lovely, no? The unsuspecting viewer is lulled into believing this is a spot-on appearance for Ravs. However close-ups don't lie, and boy did this one paint an entirely different picture.
Yikes! Holy makeup overload. Her MUA clearly went bonkers in applying the war paint makeup, but also neglected to blend, blend, blend.
Photos: getty.

Check It

Fab Freida makes a desippearance in People magazine's online StyleWatch "What's Her Best Hair?" poll. While I prefer the sleek tresses, I do appreciate the versatility she's got going on. Whaddaya think?
Photo: people.

Vidya Falls Flat

It surely must have gotten tiring for Vids to constantly vamp it up for cameras as she promoted The Dirty Picture in character as Silk Smitha. However, there is no excuse for the shlubby, lazy dressing on display at a recent house party. You're moderately famous, dahling. You must expect that at the mere hint of a party, the paparazzi will swarm. Therefore, it is inexcusable after all that hard work promoting your daring role, for you to show up like this. Photo: filmicafe.

What Gives?

Seriously, Mads. You are an amazing actress, and no one in Bollywood can hold a candle to your dancing abilities. But I have to ask: has your fashion sense gone on permanent hiatus?! At a promotional event for Oral B, La Dixit's sari itself was a tad dull, but ok. It's the blouse that was inexplicable. Is that aluminum foil? Really? It's odd and unflattering to the point of giving her a Divya Dutta-style uniboob situation. Add to all of that, her choice of hair and makeup was poor - overly done up, it simply ages La Dixit.
Photo: pinkvilla.

Mummy-Beti Showcase

Hello! had the rather novel idea of showcasing three famous sets of Bolly families on three covers. Seemingly ageless Dimple, along with daughters Twinkle and Rinke was a no-brainer.
The Jaya/Shweta cover was striking. It reminded me of Jaya's plucky youthful heroines. Having been defrumped, Jaya looks lovely. I think it's the properly smoothed out hair and kajal that make the biggest difference. Shweta looks positively smoldering. I think with TMBWITW for a sister-in-law, she is oft overshadowed so this was a great cover choice.
The third cover totally took me by surprise. Well played, Hello!,well played. It's none other than Saifu's first wife Amrita Singh and daughter Sara Ali Khan. With all the publicity that Saifeena attracts, Saif's first wife and adult daughter don't garner much attention. The ladies looked quite regal. Dang, Saifu is gettin' old!
Photos: smitag/pv.