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2012 Met Gala

Rachel Roy made a desippearance at the Met Gala with a surprisingly low drama quotient. Trading in whimsy for tried and true, both Roy and Solange Knowles looked perfectly lovely if staid at the event. Known for drawing out designer's whimsy and showcasing fantastical creations, the Met Gala would have been an excellent opportunity for Roy to take some risks. Ah well, she did pick up the neon and peplum trends with the gown worn by Solange, so there's that.
Photo: stephen lovekin/filmmagic via people.

Do My Eyes Deceive Me?

BOTH Mukherjee sisters looking fashionable and well put-together?! Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the ground. Kajol and Tanisha attended the Dadasaheb Phalke Awards in impeccably draped, not-at-all spangly or garish, saris. Now I can't tell what Tanisha's blouse may look like, but you know what? I'm feeling generous and Tanisha nailing a look is so rare, that I'm just gonna give her the W.
Photo: getty

Oscar the Grouch Gives Fashion Advice

I suppose this is what the result would be if everybody's favorite curmudgeon gave Sonali sartorial tips at the Lonely Planet Travel Awards. And I gotta say, taking advice from a garbage can dweller, is probably not the best idea as the result is this trash bag-esque getup. It looks as if Sonali was trying to channel Rani's olive jumpsuit style. Unfortunately for Sonali, this one is a total miss.
Photos: getty

Gajra Wali

She may be a tad boring from time to time with her three-quarter sleeve blouses and silk saris, but one thing is undeniable. Vids rocks the desi girl look at the National Film Awards. The gajra is such a nice touch to finish off her simple style.
Photos: getty

PR Warpath

At least that's what it seems like, na? Chitra's been everywhere lately. Here she is unveiling her Vogue India cover. I gotta say, neons are not an easy trend to wear, but she does a rather remarkable job. The pink platforms are an unexpected touch of genius. My only quibble? Lose the colored lenses. They're freaky. Y'all know my position on the colored lenses.
Photos: bollywood hungama

Seen and Heard @ Kolkatta Knight Riders Match

Photo: getty

Tsk Tsk

The always lovely Konkana attended Sunidhi Chauhan's wedding alongside hubby dearest Ranvir. That's the clue you need to guess that these two are actually attending a wedding function together. Based on appearances, you'd think she was a wedding guest while he was a sloppy valet. Scratch that. The valets at all 5-star hotels are required to dress better than Ranvir.
Why do some Bolly men insist on going über cas at formal functions? Check out Jeetendra at the Genelia-Ritesh shaadi. Is it some sort of competition amongst the men? Who can dress sloppiest? Ladies, kick your men in the rear and make them dress appropriately! Photo: getty

Mushtaq Sheikh's Birthday Party

Ekta K hosted a soiree for her pal, and of course we had a fair share of good, bad, and fugly. 
Fugly Photos: bollywood hungama, santabanta

Seen and Heard @ "Department" Event

Photo: getty

Seen and Heard @ Puma Event

B-list Bolly babe (try saying that 5 times fast) Chitragandha was seen working up a sweat at a recent promotional event for Puma.
Photos: getty

Seen and Heard @ Kallista Spa Launch

Poor Sameera. Looks like she got duped by a clever salesgirl.
Photo: getty

Mad About Mads

La Dixit treated fans to 2 sari-clad appearances in a matter of days. First, as the recipient of an award at the Deenanath Mangeshkar Puraskar Awards, and then at an album launch. Her first sari was blingy, but not OTT. The royal blue three-quarter sleeve blouse anchored the look. Notice La Dixit's trendy nail art!
On the other hand, while her mango-colored sari had fun polka dots peeking out from under the pallu, the over-all look was meh. What is that growing on her shoulder?
Photos: getty.

Best of the Best @ Bappa Lahiri Reception

These next couple of snaps don't actually belong in any BOB recap, however for the ease of writing it up, here they are.
Photos: bccl/anuja gupta, filmicafe

Gov. Nikki Haley Makes Desippearance in "Vogue"

The SC Governor can apparently now add "model" to her list of accolades. She is slated to be featured in the May issue of Vogue. I'm not going to talk politics here, so let's just stick to pure superficial fluff.  The lady looks fantastic. From a sartorial perspective, she may be the only Republican, desi response to the fashionista that is Huma Abedin (a Dem through and through). Here's a preview of Haley's Vogue spread. I'm not really sure what's going on with her hair in that second shot.
Via: vogue, huffpost.

Aamir ♥ India

I gotta say, I am tickled that "Rang De Basanti" Khan has jumped on the rich hued denim bandwagon. It takes a heavy dose of self-confidence for a guy to adopt this trend. At the Satyamev Jayate press meet, all that RDB Khan needed was a shot of saffron to complete his Tiranga look. This fella's one patriotic dude!
Photo: filmicafe

Seen and Heard @ Gilette Promotional Event

The lengths our poor B-listers have to go to for a little attention... Photo: getty

Kajol Kardashian?

Speaking of stepping out of comfort zones, Lolo's fellow '90s star, Kajol took a bold step recently at a Marc Cain store event. The item in question was a skin-tight, royal blue Shantanu and Nikhil number. Now I do applaud Kajol for choosing a) a bright hue, and b) an edgy (for Kajol) silhouette. However, I think this one does her no favors in the tummy region. It's just a smidge too tight in that area. I like how the top portion has a flowy vibe. But cinched in the way it is at the waist, just makes an unflattering emphasis on that area. I very much wish this one had just cut straight down (think a mini-tunic) as opposed to getting sucked in from the waist down. The dress itself is very much something I'd expect to see on a Kardashian, not on Kajol.
Photo: reuters

Ho Hum

Lolo was spotted recently at Radio City earnestly plugging her comeback vehicle. Although she looked as polished as ever, I wish she'd take a few steps away from what has become a uniform of sorts: neutrals paired with dark-almost-black denim. Some jewel tones every once and again would look wonderful on her. Also, lopping off about six inches of hair would probably be beneficial as well.
Photos: filmicafe