Saturday, December 17, 2011

x 2: 2 Photo Opps in 1 Night

I gotta say, Genelia does it right. She knew she rocked the glittery romper (as so few outside of the infant-toddler age bracket can), so why waste it on one, fleeting appearance? She popped into the G7 Fashion Store for a quick photo opp, and then dashed off to the Khan family par-tay afterwards.
Wonder why she switched out those fab heels for the comparatively less fab (and flatter) gold sandals?
My apologies to GD fans. This terrible,
pigeon-toed mess was the only shot of GD
standing alone that I could find. 
Ah. Of course. It all becomes clear. She opted for the measurably less chic sandals as she was meeting fiance Ritesh at Sohail's bash. Couldn't pose next to hubs-to-be towering over him, now could we? Arrgh. The Short Bollywood Man Complex strikes again!
Photos: filmicafe.

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