Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Is it just me or is there something unbalanced about Deepika's look at this recent radio promotional event? The flouncy cocktail mini paired with flats just looks odd. Each piece on its own is perfectly fine (though the dress is making me consider trotting out my figure skating analogy again), but together they just look odd.
Why why why are Bolly heroines discouraged from rocking out sky high heels? Stars like Deepika and Katrina are always compensating for their height by wearing flats. "Pish tosh," I say! Let the shortie men take a cue from Sallu baba and wear stacked heels! Photo: getty.


MakeupFriendly said...

Agreed! I wish she wore studded nude pumps or something fancy with high heels! This pair is making her look shabby!

desipolitan said...

Shabby is right!