Saturday, December 17, 2011


Makeup artists are supposed to make us look even better than we actually look, right? So when a MUA can take a beauty queen and actually make her look ... bad, what does that say about the MUA's abilities? Poor Neha D. apparently sat in the chair of the world's most inept MUA prior to a press conference announcing her performance at a New Year's event.
The matte brown shadow applied like a raccoon's eyes is unflattering alone and just plain inexplicable when paired with the shimmery, light-reflecting shadow on her brow bones. The heavily layered on pancake foundation is at least one shade too light for Neha and since the MUA not only chose the wrong shade, but then failed to blend it at her jaw line, we have the dreaded mime effect. The streaks of blush war paint are not even remotely blended in, and that red lip is just - what? Unnecessary. The whole look is a mishmash of badness. I wouldn't even call it a look since (other than being unflattering), there is nothing unifying the MUA's choices of colors.
If clownish is what the MUA was going for,
they pretty much nailed it. 
Photos: getty.


Adorable On Your Vanity said...

lolz. thanks for the chuckles.
agree, what's with the eyeshadow - have they heard of neutrals?

desipolitan said...

Seriously. It's like the MUA used the Morticia Adams palette.

Tanveer Parmar said...

The MUA did a bad job, I agree.. It looks terrible.

But is neha herself blind? Didn't she at least look in a mirror. She must have been ok with it to walk out like that.

desipolitan said...

lol, Tanveer. Or here's another even worse thought: what if she actually directed the MUA and chose this look for herself?