Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Epic Fail

Though the Kapoor-Khan machine steadfastly denies their upcoming shaadi, Bebo attended Bhopal-Pataudi Polo Cup Final at the Jaipur Polo Ground in New Delhi along her - I'm just gonna go ahead and call a spade, a spade - fiance, the Nawab. Saifu was color-coordinated down to his socks, and looked quite dapper. Mama Sharmila was stunning as per ush (happy to see her in post-mourning color again), and Soha was of course a dud with her refusal to change up her hair style. The real shocker though, was Bebo's utter and complete fashion failure. The greasy pony tail (tied up with a scrunchie no less!) and bright red talons didn't improve the shapeless sack of a dress she wore. Didn't put in much effort for this outing did we, Bebo?
Bebo, if you're not going to try at all, at least don't stand right next to
impeccably styled Sharmila.
Trust me. The comparison is not flattering.
Bebo: D'oh. Do you think this mega-watt rock is giving away our big secret?
Nice socks, Saifu. Soha's hair - still stuck in the '70s.
Photos: filmicafe


Harshleen Kaur Chhabra said...

Loved it! Seriously, what made her wear that shabby black dress?

desipolitan said...

I know right?! Shocking!

Tanveer Parmar said...

Maybe she was having an off-day. She dresses quite well otherwise :D

desipolitan said...

Agreed, Tanveer. She's usually well put together - I guess everyone has an off day every once in a while ;)