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No, not the tv show. It's my reaction upon learning that Bata has teamed up with designer Malini Ramani for a line of - yes, that's right - kohlapuri wedges! At long last, I now know where I can find these adorable versions of the ordinary chappal first spotted on La Rai and Tara S. ages ago. Now I actually have a fashionable excuse to drag myself to a Bata shop!
Photos: vogue india.

YBTJ: Green Edition

The Khan bash - notable for its strange mashup of ladies in blinged out attire, guys in bum wear, and Katrina - was the site of a bit of a familial face-off between Arpita and Amrita. I gotta say, I think this round handily belongs to Amu (though she does lose points for that gross ciggie-puffing arm candy). While it's nice to see Arpita go for bold complete with big baubles, the look fell flat and that matchtastic green eye shadow was a downer.
Photos: filmicafe.


Well I suppose it's his response to entreaties to do something with his greasy mop of hair. Unfortunately, whilst I (and undoubtedly countless others) had hoped he'd - I dunno - cut it all off, Fardeen decided the logical thing to do, would be to head to the drug store on his way to the Khan party, and purchase himself a pack of ciggies (eeeww) and a head band. A head band. He must have a gaggle of lackeys friends telling him this looks good.
Photo: hamara photos.


It may be a couture piece, but attractive it most certainly is not. It pains me to say it, but Sonam was a mess at the Players music launch. Now I understand that she most likely was in character, but still. The fact that this look is reminding me oh so much of Divya Dwivedi here, should clue you in as to the level of badness on display. Have a look for yourselves - the resemblance is uncanny, right down to the shiny nylons. Gah!
Photo: filmicafe.

x 2: 2 Photo Opps in 1 Night

I gotta say, Genelia does it right. She knew she rocked the glittery romper (as so few outside of the infant-toddler age bracket can), so why waste it on one, fleeting appearance? She popped into the G7 Fashion Store for a quick photo opp, and then dashed off to the Khan family par-tay afterwards.
Wonder why she switched out those fab heels for the comparatively less fab (and flatter) gold sandals?
Ah. Of course. It all becomes clear. She opted for the measurably less chic sandals as she was meeting fiance Ritesh at Sohail's bash. Couldn't pose next to hubs-to-be towering over him, now could we? Arrgh. The Short Bollywood Man Complex strikes again!
Photos: filmicafe.


Makeup artists are supposed to make us look even better than we actually look, right? So when a MUA can take a beauty queen and actually make her look ... bad, what does that say about the MUA's abilities? Poor Neha D. apparently sat in the chair of the world's most inept MUA prior to a press conference announcing her performance at a New Year's event.
The matte brown shadow applied like a raccoon's eyes is unflattering alone and just plain inexplicable when paired with the shimmery, light-reflecting shadow on her brow bones. The heavily layered on pancake foundation is at least one shade too light for Neha and since the MUA not only chose the wrong shade, but then failed to blend it at her jaw line, we have the dreaded mime effect. The streaks of blush war paint are not even remotely blended in, and that red lip is just - what? Unnecessary. The whole look is a mishmash of badness. I wouldn't even call it a look since (other than being unflattering), there is noth…

Uh Oh. Awkward!

Piggy Chops and SRK were snapped at a Don 2 promotional event in quite the awkward pose. Initially, I was going to post it as a "Caption This" but it's just too easy.
Despite the semi-scandalous nature of the previous pic, Piggy looks quite demure and ladylike. The sheath looks fantastic on her. I only wish she'd have traded in those office slingbacks for a pair of towering pumps.
On an unrelated note, I know calling Mumbai a warm climate is an understatement, but c'mon guys. Use antiperspirant for frick's sake. If that fails, perhaps Piggy would be kind enough to give you some dress shields because those half moons under your arms are not unnoticeable.
Photos: getty.

Epic Fail

Though the Kapoor-Khan machine steadfastly denies their upcoming shaadi, Bebo attended Bhopal-Pataudi Polo Cup Final at the Jaipur Polo Ground in New Delhi along her - I'm just gonna go ahead and call a spade, a spade - fiance, the Nawab. Saifu was color-coordinated down to his socks, and looked quite dapper. Mama Sharmila was stunning as per ush (happy to see her in post-mourning color again), and Soha was of course a dud with her refusal to change up her hair style. The real shocker though, was Bebo's utter and complete fashion failure. The greasy pony tail (tied up with a scrunchie no less!) and bright red talons didn't improve the shapeless sack of a dress she wore. Didn't put in much effort for this outing did we, Bebo?
Photos: filmicafe

Filmi Forecast: Hollywood Ishtyle

Though he may have you forget it, AB Sr. is not the only veteran Bolly star making a Hollywood debut. The Pompadoured One achieved that feat first with his turn as a villain in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. Have a dekho at Anil working the red carpet at the film's Dubai Film Festival premiere along with co-stars Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton, and director Brad Bird.
Another Hollywood newbie is none other than Anupam Kher who will reportedly be starring in The Silver Linings Playbook alongside Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper. You can read Kher's interview where he literally falls all over himself singing De Niro's praises, here, if you can stomach it.
Photos: getty, hindustan times.


Fresh off of going gaga over TMBWITW's delivery of a baby girl, Bolly fans can eagerly await the arrival of yet another BollyBaby. Move over, Lara and Celina - none other than Shilpa Shetty recently announced her pregnancy via the following tweet: Congratulations to Shilpa and Raj!


Is it just me or is there something unbalanced about Deepika's look at this recent radio promotional event? The flouncy cocktail mini paired with flats just looks odd. Each piece on its own is perfectly fine (though the dress is making me consider trotting out my figure skating analogy again), but together they just look odd. Why why why are Bolly heroines discouraged from rocking out sky high heels? Stars like Deepika and Katrina are always compensating for their height by wearing flats. "Pish tosh," I say! Let the shortie men take a cue from Sallu baba and wear stacked heels! Photo: getty.

I Like!

Before y'all think I've lost my mind, let me quickly say that I am referring to the changing tide in Btown where thus far we've seen way. too. many aging heroes prancing around Swiss mountains with heroines young enough to be their ... well, you see where I am going. Bebo strikes one for the ladies in Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu with the slightly younger Immie Khan.
What I definitely dislike, is Bebo's prairie girl get up. Surely she's not in character. What's up with this vanilla look from our spit fire? Trés disappointing. Photo: getty.

Disappearing Act

Is it just me or is the ever-more waifish Karisma about to vanish before our eyes? To be fair, part of it is her knack for dressing to slim the silhouette, but let's be real. Her dropping of post-baby weight has been meteoric! Attending a promotional event for Baby Oye, an online baby and maternity store, she's sure to have invited the envy of many a new mom.
The black-white combo is sleek and well balanced with a blousey top and A-line skirt. The nude, cut-out Choos are a great way to break up the black-white while also serving to further elongate her silhouette. The chunky necklace is a nice touch. Photos: getty.

Chic Mamma

Lara D takes the "flaunt it" approach to her preggo curves. Clearly she's not letting pregnancy slow her down either. Here she is at the Chivas Studio event having a good old time. I love that even with maternity wear, Lara's not afraid to take risks like bold leopard print. Go, mamma, go!
Photo: getty.