Thursday, November 10, 2011

Whole Lotta Red

Bright, tomato red seems to have been the color of choice for ladies at the  Hello! awards. Kudos to DP for outshining all the rest. Looks like DP's style quotient is on a spectacular upswing of late. Happy to see it!
I love the structure of this Gauri and Nainika creation.
 It sets DP apart from the flowy gowned masses.
Plunging neckline + VS supermodel hair and makeup.
Amy Jackson is smokin' hot. No question.
I quite like this gown though it is almost veering into
drapery territory. The side swept hair and the red lip are a
nice touches.
This is an unmitigated, velvet disaster. It is poorly constructed
and ill-fitting to boot. I do like her bronzed makeup though.
Photos: filmicafe.

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